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Products for Men
The Frederick Maryland Team

Whether due to an accident, surgery, or neuromuscular conditions, males sometimes experience problems with their pelvic and sexual health. In addition to causing anxiety, discomfort and distress, these issues can cause a loss of enjoyment of some of life's simplest but most intense pleasures. Things that we once took for granted suddenly become difficult and complicated.

But there is hope. At the Urology Health Store, we offer a wide variety of products to improve men's pelvic and sexual health. We carry the highest-quality products available to improve the lives of men suffering from urological problems. These include erectile dysfunction; premature ejaculation; poor rigidity and maintenance of erections; loss of penile length; and urinary incontinence, or involuntary loss of urine. We also offer multimodal therapy to help men deal with the aftereffects of prostate surgery.

These products range from vibratory stimulation systems to male incontinence products designed to deal with the discomfort and embarrassment of dribbling and urinary leakage. The Viberect pudendal nerve stimulation system, for instance, improves nerve function and blood flow as well as pelvic muscle strength. Safe and effective, this device stimulates millions of nerve endings to stimulate a longer, more rigid erection.

We carry a variety of male incontinence products. Some involve exercise programs that can help men strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, resulting not only in better bladder control but also in boosted sexual performance. The Urology Health Store also has products designed to prevent annoying dribbling as well as reusable and washable male incontinence underwear that will help you save you save money and save the environment.

There are so many ways we can help men improve their pelvic and sexual health. Thanks to our competitive prices and free shipping for orders over $50, we can help you do so affordably.  If you have questions about any of our products or policies, just call our expert staff for friendly, knowledgeable help.