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Multimodal Erection Therapy

Some health problems can be complex and stubbornly persistent and may require more than one type of therapy for successful treatment. For instance, a cancer patient may receive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to put the disease in remission.

Erectile dysfunction in some cases can be overcome with relative ease, but in other cases it can require a multipronged approach. With this in mind, the Urology Health Store offers multimodal erection and erectile dysfunction therapy that can help you or someone you know overcome ED and get back to enjoying one of life's great pleasures.

Our therapies for treating ED include a wide array of products that can be used either singly or in combination with one another. The multimodal erection therapies available at the Urology Health Store include premium vacuum erection systems, which comprise a fixed cylinder with a pump and a constriction ring designed to stimulate and maintain erections. The vacuum erection systems we carry are quality products made either in the U.S. or Germany, so you can buy with confidence.

We also offer Pelvic RX, a male pelvic training program that strengthens men's pelvic floor muscles to improve sexual and urinary performance. This system includes a patented penis resistance ring, a magnetic weight, a carrying case and an easy-to-follow instructional DVD.

Made in the U.S., the Viberect pudendal nerve stimulation system is the first and only stimulation system for ED certified by both the FDA and the CE. Available without a prescription, it provides the right frequency and amplitude to trigger nerve reflexes that cause erections. We also offer the Erection Recovery Program, which lets you combine the benefits of Viberect nerve stimulation with the Pelvic RX system to strengthen pelvic floor muscles to benefit sexual and urinary health.

Those suffering from side effects of prostate surgery, such as ED and urinary incontinence, should consider our post-prostate surgery complete recovery bundle. Designed to stimulate blood flow and nerves and to strengthen pelvic muscles, this package includes the Viberect Nerve Stimulation System, the Rehabi Penile Trainer, the ACTIVE vacuum erection system and the Pelvic RX complete pelvic floor muscle exercise program as well as five pairs of ProtechDry incontinence underwear.

In addition to offering effective, noninvasive treatment for ED and urinary incontinence, these packages also provide you savings when you compare them to buying products individually. In addition, the Urology Health Store offers free shipping for these multimodal systems to the contiguous 48 states.