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Premature Ejaculation & Delayed Ejaculation
Orgasmic and ejaculatory dysfunction can lessen the joy of sex and even interfere with conceiving a child. At the Urology Health Store, however, we have products that are safe, easy and effective and which can help control the disappointment of premature ejaculation as well as treatment of ejaculation problems for men with spinal cord injuries.

These products include delay sprays specifically designed for men with premature ejaculation issues. Available in a trial pocket size as well as a standard size, Promescent prolonging delay spray for men is a topical spray that is FDA compliant and safe, effective and easy to apply. The leading solution in the U.S. for premature ejaculation, it's been recommended by more than 1,500 urologists as first-line therapy for this problem. This topically desensitizing medication gives excellent control of ejaculation while minimizing sensation loss both for the user and his partner. It's easy to adjust the dosage of this fast-acting spray to suit every individual's needs.

For men suffering from ejaculatory problems due to spinal cord injuries, the Urology Health Store offers  the Viberect X3. Featuring high frequency and amplitude, this FDA-certified device can help men with these issues obtain semen, giving hope to couples who want to conceive a baby.

This handheld vibratory device works by stimulating the top and bottom of the head of the penis to boost nerve stimulation. It causes a release of nitric oxide that fills the penis with blood while the pelvic muscles contract and act like a constriction ring, increasing rigidity by forcing blood into the penis and trapping it.

Recently, a study by the Spinal Cord Society found a 77 percent ejaculatory success rate with this device, which is best for men with a spinal injury level over T10. The Viberect is now available through the Veterans Administration.

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