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Made in Germany

Pjur® med Lubricants for Men

Made in Germany

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  • Highly compatible intimate personal lubricants for men

    Made in Germany

    Known the world over and sold in 57 countries, Pjur Med lubricants set the standard for high-quality ingredients and dependable performance. The Urology Health Store carries Pjur Med lubricants for men to help men and their partners enjoy a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Available at a competitive price from the Urology Health Store, Pjur products become an even better value when you take advantage of the free shipping we offer to the contiguous 48 states for orders over $50. You can buy in bulk online and save.

    Made in Germany, Pjur intimate personal lubricants for men are available in several different formulations, so you can find exactly the right product that works best for you and your partner. Pjur Med Premium Glide, for instance, is a soft silicone personal lubricant that gives superior performance. It contains no preservatives, providing maximum natural lubrication even for very dry and sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, it's safe for use with latex condoms and will stand up to daily use.

    This formula features medical-grade components and a unique formula for premium performance. It's gentle and effective, providing an ideal solution for those who care about their health and comfort.

    For those with a strict vegan philosophy, we offer Pjur Med Natural Glide. Made with a vegan formula and formulated specifically for dry skin, this product is manufactured from natural products that include pure vegetable glycerin. It provides extra moisture and long-lasting lubrication while protecting dry skin and is especially appropriate for sensitive mucous membranes. This gentle product is ideal for daily use.

    We also carry Pjur Med Sensitive Glide for very sensitive mucous membranes. This formula contains no preservatives, glycerin or parabens and is dermatologically safe.