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Structured 8 Weeks Pelvic Trainer Program
<i><b>PELVIC RX&reg;</i></b><br>Structured 8 Weeks Pelvic Trainer Program
<i><b>PELVIC RX&reg;</i></b><br>Structured 8 Weeks Pelvic Trainer Program
<i><b>PELVIC RX&reg;</i></b><br>Structured 8 Weeks Pelvic Trainer Program
<i><b>PELVIC RX&reg;</i></b><br>Structured 8 Weeks Pelvic Trainer Program
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Structured 8 Weeks Pelvic Trainer Program
Strengthen your pelvic muscles for better sexual and urinary performance. FDA-registered, interactive male pelvic floor muscle building system. Includes a follow-along DVD and weighted ring for resistance training.

Product Description

Are you a PELVIC athlete?

Pelvic RX is a lot more than "squeeze your anus" Kegel's!

Structured, Intense & progressive 6 weeks program to improve your firmness, orgasm intensity, and urinary control

Work on your slow & fast twitch muscle fibers.

Your pelvic physical therapist at home

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Recommended by urologists and prostate surgeons

Pelvic RX is the medical version of the Private Gym

1. Are you experiencing loss of firmness of erection?
2. Having trouble keeping an erection?
3. Having persistent urinary leakage after prostate surgery?
4. Are you noticing less intense orgasm and ejaculation?
If you answered "YES" to any question above? You will love the Pelvic RX® and how it will change your life!
The problem likely lies in your pelvic floor muscles that are getting weak. You are having VENOUS LEAKAGE and POOR PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE TONE AND STRENGTH!
Get your own incredibly easy to follow 8-weeks intense FDA registered Pelvic RX®!
You will gradually build the lost tone and strength and your youthful rigidity and vigor! It's safe, natural, and effective!
The program will coach you to perform male Kegels very precisely to focus on both slow twitch and fast twitch fibers. If you are planning to have prostate surgery, get Pelvic RX® even before surgery to get into top shape!

Like a workout for the body, the Pelvic RX Male Pelvic Training Program can make men feel better and perform better. Designed to build a man's pelvic floor muscles to enhance sexual and urinary performance, this FDA-registered interactive male pelvic floor muscle-building system comes with an easy-to-follow DVD and a weighted ring for resistance training. As with any good exercise program, the difficulty of the exercise increases progressively each week to help build muscles.

Combining the proven effectiveness of Kegel exercises with the use of resistance weights, the Pelvic RX Male Pelvic Training Program is a comprehensive program that can help improve a man's performance in the bedroom and help prevent urinary incontinence at home or in public. Using this program just 10 minutes a day three days a week can dramatically increase pelvic muscle strength. In addition to the Kegel exercises, a weighted ring fits comfortably around the penis to enhance pelvic muscle growth.

A four-month study of this device conducted by the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation found that 90 percent of men enjoyed better sexual confidence and performance as well as heightened orgasm intensity. Available at a reasonable price with fast, free shipping from the Urology Health Store, this program comes complete with a soft, medical-grade resistance ring, an expertly designed and easy-to-follow interactive DVD program and an attractive, discreet carrying case.

FDA registered pelvic exercise program for men

The Pelvic Rx® Program is an interactive, follow-along male pelvic floor muscle building program. Developed by doctors, this comprehensive pelvic muscle fitness program combines expert-designed "Kegel" exercises for men with resistance weights.

Stronger pelvic muscles improve sexual and urinary function

The pelvic muscles power everything below the belt. From treating erectile dysfunction naturally to building confidence in the bedroom and even preventing incontinence, the Pelvic RX® Program isolates and strengthens the male pelvic muscles for improved sexual, urinary and prostate health.

How does the Pelvic Rx® Program work?

The follow-along exercise DVD leads you through the pelvic muscle exercises. The 10-minute sessions should be performed every other day, for a total of 3 days a week to give ample muscle recovery time. The exercises get progressively more challenging each week. After building initial pelvic muscle strength, the program adds resistance training with a weighted ring that fits comfortably around the penis. Just as weight training builds arm and leg muscles, the weighted penis ring maximizes pelvic muscle growth.

The Pelvic Rx® Complete Program includes:

  • FDA registered, patented resistance ring that fits comfortably around the penis and a magnetic weight that attaches to the ring. The soft medical grade resistance ring adjusts to fit all sizes.
  • Convenient and discreet carrying case
  • Expertly designed interactive DVD exercise program

Clinical trial results

A four-month study of the Pelvic RX (previously called Private Gym) by the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation, demonstrated the following results:

  • 75% improved erectile rigidity and strength(25% greatly improved)
  • 90% experienced heightended orgasm intensity
  • 40% improved ejaculatory control (25% greatly improved)
  • 75% improved ejaculatory force (12% greatly improved)
  • 90% improved sexual performance & confidence (50% greatly improved)
  • 60% experienced increased sexual pleasure (38% greatly improved)

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"The 6 weeks program gets progressively harder, and I like the challenge! It works! My wife tells me she has also noticed the results. Best program for men who want to stay strong for years." David, VA


Pelvic floor muscle training for erectile dysfunction and climacturia 1 year after nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy: a randomized clinical trial (International Journal of Impotence Research 2015: 28, 9-13, Geraerts, Van Poppel, Devoogdt, De Groef, Fieuws and Van Kampen) was a randomized clinical trial evaluating the effect of 3 months of PFMT in men with persistent ED 12 months or more after radical prostatectomy. Home PFMT was performed in conjunction with guided PFMT with a therapist emphasizing strength, endurance and coordination conditioning. Using IIEF criteria, the treatment group scored significantly better than the control group with improvements noted in penile hardness, length, tumescence and elevation. 17% achieved normal erections, 23% penetrable erections, and 60% did not achieve a functional erection. Additionally, PFMT was also found to have a beneficial effect on climacturia. The bottom line is that PFMT is a useful addition to the ED armamentarium. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So how do we get our patients to learn PFMT? One means is to send them to PT for biofeedback, but that can be time-consumptive and expensive with variable insurance coverage. A great alternative that is now available is a follow-along pelvic exercise DVD that is very similar to many of the quality general exercise DVDs available, such as P90x. PelvicRx is an FDA-registered, comprehensive, interactive male pelvic floor training program that increases PFM strength, tone and endurance. It strengthens the levator ani muscle as well as the erection-vital perineal muscles--the ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernosus--both of which contribute to erectile rigidity and durability. The PelvicRx program helps to improve both sexual and urinary function post-prostatectomy and is best utilized when started pre-prostatectomy. It is an excellent first-line, non-invasive approach that empowers the patient by getting them actively involved with the management of their problem.

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