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Washable underwear for urinary loss

<i><b>ProtechDry&reg</></b>For Men <p>Washable underwear for urinary loss</P>
<i><b>ProtechDry&reg</></b>For Men <p>Washable underwear for urinary loss</P>
<i><b>ProtechDry&reg</></b>For Men <p>Washable underwear for urinary loss</P>
<i><b>ProtechDry&reg</></b>For Men <p>Washable underwear for urinary loss</P>
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ProtechDry®For Men

Washable underwear for urinary loss

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Washable & Reusable, Ultra-absorbant, watertight
Dry in contact with the skin, Neutrilizes odor, Discrete & comfortable

Men Waist Sizes: S (30”-32”), M (33”-35”), L (36”-38”), XL (39”-41”), XXL (42”-44”)

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Product Description

Urinary incontinence can be caused by a variety of factors, including surgery as well as weak bladder muscles. It becomes increasingly likely with advancing age, and a surprising number of men suffer from this embarrassing and uncomfortable condition.

Fortunately, there is a smart, simple solution to this age-old dilemma. ProtechDry male incontinence washable underwear is available from the Urology Health Store at a competitive price with free shipping. This underwear not only works well; it looks good too, just like normal underwear. It shows no bulky lines or bulges under clothes.  In fact, because this smartly designed incontinence underwear is washable and reusable, it can save you money while also saving the environment, because you will not be constantly buying and throwing out single-wear disposables. In the long run, this is the most cost-effective solution to male urinary continence that you will find.

Made of 90 percent cotton, this hypoallergenic underwear is available in many sizes and in two styles for men: trunk and brief. Its three-layer construction offers some unique features. The outer layer looks like normal underwear, meaning you can feel comfortable wearing it anywhere, and features sealed seams that make this underwear completely watertight. The middle layer consists of ultra-absorbent material that is also breathable and fights odor and bacteria. The inner layer meanwhile ensures total dryness against the skin, providing comfort and confidence you can count on.

To reuse this wonderful underwear, simply wash it in cold water and air-dry or dry in the lingerie cycle. This garment is washable up to 90 times. Made in Europe, ProtechDry male incontinence washable underwear saves wearers the hassle and discomfort of changing pads many times a day as well as the irritation wet pads can cause on the skin. In addition to saving trees, use of this unique underwear also cuts down on the disposal of environmentally harmful products that can take up to five centuries to decompose in our landfills.


  • Machine wash and dry (machine washable up to 140F
  • Cold air dry, lingerie cycle
  • Washable up to 90 times
  • Ultra-absorbent -3 Oz men(90cc)/2Oz women (60cc)
  • Dry skin interface
  • Waterproof outer layer and sealed seams prevent leakage
  • Completely neutralizes odors with proprietary fabric Hypoallergenic
  • Discrete and comfortable; wears like normal underwear, made from cotton
  • Economic and environmentally friendly; saves money and the environment

  • Improved quality of life - the discrete design, protection and comfort afforded by ProtechDry® underwear enable you to regain confidence in all aspects of your daily life

    Product Composition:

  • 90% cotton
  • 5% elastane
  • 3%viscose
  • 2% polypropylene

  • Safety Information/Directions:

    Make sure you choose the right size. The absorbent structure should be in contact with the genital area. Do not use fabric softener when washing; this will decrease the effectiveness of the absorption. Do not iron the absorbent area as this can cause the liner to melt.


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