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2017 Catalog For Men & Women

Download Urology Health Store 2017-2018 Catalog Pdf.


Urology Health Store is an FDA registered purveyor of medical devices. In our inventory customers will find an extensive selection of over-the-counter, non-invasive medical devices and aids to improve urinary, pelvic and sexual health. Urology Health Store carries products for both men and women. Review all of the products we will be offering in our inventory for the coming year in our 2017 catalog.

The Urology Health Store 2017 Catalog is downloadable and available in PDF form. It contains full color pages highlighting all of the products and manufacturers we carry. It also contains a product guide and an order form for physicians who wish to compare prices and place orders for multiple products from Urology Health Store at one time.

Get an in-depth look of each of the featured products available at Urology Health Store. On each page is a full product description with information that covers the product's full range of features, who it has been designed for, how it can benefit patients, and what materials were used to craft that product. Brand names, order numbers and model numbers are also included. Prices for all of the products can also be found in the catalog.