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Made in USA

Soul Source® Vaginal Dilators

Made in USA

As women age, the depth and width of their vaginas typically decreases and the vaginal tissue may become less elastic. Aging as well as a number of other factors can lead to pain during sexual intercourse and other problems.

Vaginal dilators are one treatment used to help women who are having problems with painful intercourse. These items can also be used to help with vaginismus, or involuntary spasms of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina, as well as vaginal stenosis, or scarring caused by cancer treatments or pelvic surgery. Women experiencing any of these problems and considering using vaginal dilators should first consult their physicians, of course.

If vaginal dilators are right for you, the Urology Health Store offers a high-quality line of vaginal dilators at a competitive price with free shipping directly to you. Made in the U.S., the Soul Source silicone vaginal dilators available from the Urology Health Store are available in different sets of varying sizes to provide progressive vaginal dilation therapy. Created by a sex therapist and gynecologist, these dilators help women gain confidence, knowledge and control of their vaginas and pelvic floor muscles.

Made of the highest-quality silicone, these dilators have a look and feel similar to natural body tissue. Women can use these devices at room temperature, chilled or warmed, according to their preference. These dilators are easy to clean and can be autoclaved for sterilization for total hygiene.

Eight dilator sizes of this quality product are available in three sets, and all sets come with an attractive and discreet zippered satin storage pouch. These dilators work well with water-based Pjur lubricants, which are also available from the Urology Health Store.