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Viberect Testimonials

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"Thank you for changing my life and my marriage."

My husband who is in his 30's has suffered with severe ED for a few years. He has a few health issues, and we did not want to go the "pill" route. We tried the famous pills but we knew that it was just not sustainable long term. We bought the Viberect about a month ago, we use it 1-2 times a day. My husband's erections are stronger and are lasting longer...It's only been one month and my husband and I are able to have sex without any hormone therapy or pills...- Rebecca H.

"..conventional toys just made my pain worse..."

I've had a C1/C2 SCI ever since I was 10 years old making me quadriplegic. I'm now 19 and have been extremely sexually frustrated for the past few years do to not having use of my arms or hands. After going to several doctors, I finally found a urologist that cared and looked into my frustrating situation. I've tried some of the conventional toys and they just made my pain worse. My nursing agency has a "no hands on" policy.. When I lost almost all hope, she found the Viberect X3 and recommended it to me. It slipped right by the company's policy so I bought it and couldn't be happier! Lets just say you haven't lived until you've had your first REAL orgasm and that's exactly what I did today. Thanks so much! - LR, USA

"Excellent Products, Actually Work, Cheaper Than Meds..."

Pelvic RX and Viberect:

I've tried many of the items on the market for ED, including all of the major medications. Honestly, I'd prefer to stay away from the meds, because doctors don't yet understand the long term side effects. So that leaves the devices. But it seems to me that many of the devices promising results are not much better than novelty items. (I know because I've tried quite a few of them.) This is not so with the Pelvic Rx, which I have been using for over a year, and the Viberect, which I have been using for about two weeks.

In short, the Private Gym is very effective. The theory behind it is simple - it's lifting weights for your pelvic muscles. I had a huge improvement (no pun intended) with my ED after using PG for about 4-6 weeks. At one point, I got lazy and took some time off - I eventually noticed that my erections weren't as hard as before. So, I got back on the routine, and my strength came right back. I found it funny how it's just like when you take a break from the gym - you lose something when you take time off, but it comes back fast. Viberect, for what it's worth, is a fairly ingenious product that so far has produced good results for me. To continue with the gym analogy, it was like incorporating new exercises into my regimen. I've also found the device to be surprisingly pleasurable to use.

Both products are very professionally done in every aspect. I never felt like I was doing a science experiment on myself when I used them. In fact, using meds is a science experiment (in my opinion) - whereas these two devices are a natural way to solve a problem that many of us have as we get older.

"Viberect has helped me."


I have been a Viberect user for about two years,and after learning what works best for me it has been a wonderful journey. I had problems with mild ED and delayed ejaculation. I worked with the Viberect 2-3 times a week trying to get results.I discovered that I need to use it daily. I began to get really great erections in the first week and could have great ejaculations also. At the onset of ejaculation I didn't know whether to stop the vibrations or to continue on to ejaculation using the Viberect. I continued with the vibrations and experienced a spectacular orgasm. I have to say to any man who is considering a Viberect that if you buy one be patient and give yourself time to learn how it makes you feel, You won't be disappointed. I look forward to using mine almost daily. When the time comes I will buy another one.- JH, Canada

"No vibrator equals this power, very functional ..."

"I am very satisfied with the Viberect, the best device dedicated to sex work I've tried over the years. No vibrator equals this power, very functional. " - ZS, France

"I tried injections and vacuum therapy both ..."

E.B.R.T., Cryo and Turp surgery left me with E.D. And no libido. I tried injections and vacuum therapy both of which I rejected for many reasons. A penile implant was to be used only as an absolute last resort. Reflexonic had just introduced an improved Viberect device which targets men with spinal cord injury. Three months after my surgery, which removed three lamina to relieve a herniated disk and one pinched nerve my treatment began. Sadly I had absolutely no reaction to its use while lying on my back. On my third attempt, using level four while seated I experienced orgasmic contractions, much like if you hit your funny bone. For the remainder of the day I felt drained and hollow, although there was no fluid emission. The next day while standing I had my first erection, it wasn't rock solid but it gave me confidence, that this was the beginning after five years of reclaiming my sexuality.

"I recently got my updated Viberect back and what a difference ..."

I recently got my updated Viberect back and what a difference. They have increased the amount of movement that the pads have which has made a huge difference for me . I was getting about 60 to 65 % erection at best with old unit and seemed to get back some sensations I had lost. With updated version so far I have had near 100% erections every time I have used it .This is the first time without injections or VED since Oct 2007. The slower speed setting actually has worked the best for me. - CT, WV

"... Thank you all for an unbelievable machine."

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my Viberect yesterday. After charging all night I was ready to try it.I have a problem with weak erections and delayed ejaculation. There is nothing weak or delayed anymore. I used it for less than 3 minutes and had a very strong erection and an incredible ejaculation while still vibrating my penis. I couldn't stop myself. Thank you all for an unbelievable machine. - PS, Arizona

"I love the 2nd and 3rd erections back to back!..."

I love the 2nd and 3rd erections back to back! I feel I am in college again. - Ron, 49 years old. New York

"The most effective form of penile rehabilitation..."

The most effective form of penile rehabilitation in my opinion. I am 65 years old. Prostate cancer survivor. Had da Vinci surgery in December 2011. Two friends who had surgery around same time and did not use Viberect are seeing nothing happening. I used the previous Viberect model and now the more powerful upgrade everyday. No vacuum, no injection. Viagra 2 times a week. My erections and stiffness are back and constantly improving. I feel it has greatly helped my bladder control too. It is completely safe and feels amazing. Thank you Reflexonic for helping us get get back to normal life! - GR, Washington, DC

"The new updated Viberect is fantastic ... "

Dear Reflexonic, The new updated Viberect is fantastic. I had a robotic prostatectomy in Oct. 2007 and have tried injections, medications, acupuncture and VED to regain my erection ability. I have had more improvement in the past 4 weeks than in the previous 4 1/2 years using the Viberect 3 times a day for about 3 to 4 minutes each time. Something I have learned is that putting half of the pads on the head of the penis and half on the outer end of the shaft works better for me than only on the head. I also have quicker response on the slower speeds (2 to 3 lights) and have found that doing Kegel exercises while using the Viberect increases effect. The other great benefit for me is that the use of this device has greatly improved my stress incontinence which is why I started using it 3 times a day. I would encourage any user to be sure to understand that you need a lot of pull away from the body to stretch the penis for best effect while using the Viberect. I now have stronger impulses with an orgasm and normal size during the day which just makes me feel better and more like a man. - CT, West Virginia

Before the Viberect, my urologist recommended using a shoulder massager to stimulate the nerves right after my robotic prostate removal 8 months ago. I have used vibration stimulation almost every day after my surgery. I like the Viberect much better. It works on both sides. It feels great. My erections have been improving constantly. I have succeeded multiple times in sexual intercourse. I think this has helped with my urine control too. I was dry 8 weeks after surgery. I hope this helps men who deal with prostate cancer. Be strong. - WH, Waynesboro, PA

"Viagra and Cialis did not work..."

Hubby had prostate cancer 4 years ago. He went through radiation therapy and hormone therapy. I love my husband very much and would do anything for him. He is intimate with me and seems to love to pleasure me, so I wanted to do everything in my power to make him feel like a man again. It is very difficult on a man when they suffer from ED for whatever reason. This was a surprise gift as Cialis and Viagra did not work and he had some real issues with headache and blood pressure lows when taking it. I purchased and we tried the vacuum device, however the part that traps in the blood supply at the base of the penis is very uncomfortable for him and is difficult to remove. It didn't work well at all for him. The Virberect seems to be bringing the nerves back to life. We are beginning to see some real improvement. I would recommend it highly for anyone suffering through prostate cancer or following the treatment of prostate cancer. SW, USA

"It's quite pleasurable to use..."

If you suffer from any of the problems that is advertised with this product I would highly recommend this product to you. You must be consistent with its use to achieve maximum results. It is quite pleasurable to use. It might take a few days to get the hang of exactly how to use this product but you will get the hang of it! It comes with a product manual and even shows an exercise or two to achieve an erection. You can find additional information on this product on You Tube as well as how to use it. It was invented by a Urologist. I would give it a five stars as it has helped me with my problems. The company is very big on customer satisfaction.

"It is GREAT ..."

It is GREAT. It is really interesting. I have learned that it takes time for it to work. Like anything with the human body, it takes repetition and practice. But the good news is, it feels really good. There are simply no vibrators designed for men (well, except for the cobra libre, but this is the only therapeutic one), so this one is unique. It is strong and intense. It delivers amazing sensations and eventually it DOES create erections. It is fascinating. I want to wait to hear from others, but I think this device could really change penile rehab therapy. - PN, New York

"... This is just 'what the doctor ordered' ..."

Rec'd mine yesterday. This is just "what the doctor ordered". I've used it twice now, and both times produced excellent quality erections in under 3 minutes! The sensations are similar to those experienced in vaginal sex. Amazing! Vibrations spread into the testicles and the entire perineum. Very beneficial device! - from

"... I found out I was totally doing it wrong ..."

I received mine 5 weeks ago. I use injections with good erection. Pills do nothing for me, but headaches and runny nose. Had prostate surgery 3 years ago. 64 years old, PSA 0, but erections gone. One nerve was cut. At first few trials, I found the device not helpful to get full erection. It felt great. I got crazy orgasms. I thought about giving up and returning the unit. But I persisted. Followed the tips and tricks. I found out I was totally doing it wrong. You have to put it on the tip of the penis and have to stretch the penis with the device while doing it. 4 nights ago, I got 70% erection after 5 minutes!. I now know what to expect. The erection comes all the sudden. Hard to explain. Now I know when it comes. My penis is more sensitive now and orgasms are intense. I will continue and I am confident it is helping me. I will let you and keep you updated. Thanks Doc! - AJ, San Diego, CA

I received my device several days ago. It works as intended for me. I am quite satisfied. Thank you. - AL, Houston, Texas

"... My erections are back and almost as strong as before surgery ..."

I am 53. Prostate cancer survivor. Had excellent erections before robotic surgery a year ago. Both nerves saved according to my urologist. I have used the Viberect on and off since the beginning with older models and with the production model. I can't say if it is the answer and cure to everyone's ED problem. In my case, I think it has helped me a great deal. My erections are back and almost as strong as before surgery. A lot of it has to do with my own persistence, and daily stimulation with the Viberect. My urologist got my wife and I involved from the beginning. He coached us all along my recovery. I recommend it to anyone with similar circumstances. Best. - GA, Greencastle, PA

"... I am a big fan of this gadget and I recommend it to anyone ..."

One advice, you must concentrate on sexual thoughts. Once you get a handle of it, it is easy to get very nice erections within minutes! Orgasms are fantastic. I am a big fan of this gadget and I recommend it to anyone. - Jacob, 53, Diabetic with ED, New York, NY

"It's like, I was missing something to get there, now I know"

I am 65, no response to Viagra. No needles for me. Went to my urologist to discuss penis implant. He taught me a stretch "reflex" technique right in the office and let me use the Viberect in the office. It felt very nice. I was pleasantly surprised to get an erection right in the office in less than 3 minutes. I purchased the Viberect. I saw him 6 weeks later. I must admit that this gadget has helped me tremendously. I combine the reflex exercise and the viberect right before and during sex, and I can have great intercourse. It is completely safe and painless. I am getting spontaneous erections too now. It's like I was missing something to get there, now I know. No implants for me yet. I am very happy. - JP, Hagerstown, MD