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VIBERECT X3&reg<br> (Ejaculation model)
VIBERECT X3&reg<br> (Ejaculation model)
VIBERECT X3&reg<br> (Ejaculation model)
VIBERECT X3&reg<br> (Ejaculation model)
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(Ejaculation model)

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Made in Pennsylvania, USA
Frequency: 70-110 Hz. Amplitude: 3 mm.

Owned by experts and thousands of SCI men worldwide.
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Powerful medical device to assist men with spinal cord injury to achieve ejaculation

Product Description

Viberect X3® is a powerful two motor medical stimulator to provoke ejaculation (FDA, CE) and orgasm (CE)in men with spinal cord injury who wish to have children. It is also used by men without spinal cord injury who wish to improve their orgasm response(CE). It is more powerful than the Viberect® and may provoke ejaculation before erection in most men.
It is safe, clinically proven to provoke ejaculation in 77% (23/30) of men with spinal cord injury above spinal level T10.

Designed for men with spinal cord injuries who suffer from spinal cord injury ejaculation dysfunction, the SCI model of the Viberect X3 features a higher amplitude of stimulation that's ideal for treating this condition. Providing hope for couples who want to have children, this device is FDA and CE certified and made in the U.S. The Urology Health Store offers this model at an affordable price with fast, free shipping right to you.

Bringing simultaneous stimulation to the top and bottom of the penis, this powerful medical device gets the best response from men with a spinal injury above T10. Men can significantly improve their success rates by having a trained professional in an SCI infertility clinic or a trained spouse perform the stimulation at the head of the penis.

This product comes complete with one Viberect dual Mabuchi motor stimulation system, rechargeable batteries, one pair of medical soft pads and premium packaging with a soft foam insert for safe storage.Device can accommodate up to 1.75 inch penile width.

A powerful medical device to assist men with spinal cord injury to achieve ejaculation

  • VIBERECT X3® brings hope to thousands of men who have ejaculatory issues due to spinal cord injuries.
  • Best response in men with a Spinal Injury level above T10
  • Stimulates both the top and bottom of the penis simultaneously to improve stability and response

  • For best results:

    Success rate can improve significantly if stimulation is properly performed at the head of penis by a trained professional in SCI infertility clinic or a trained spouse. Apply at highest setting for two minutes, followed by rest for two minutes, and another two minutes of stimulation. Be prepared for collecting the specimen with a sterile cup.

    Tips for SCI Ejaculatory Success


    Frequency of Vibration: 70-110 Hertz
    Amplitude of stimulation: 3 mm (Viberect X3)
    Ni-Alu-Hydride Rechargeable batteries
    Wall plug charger: 110-240 Volts

    Certifications: US FDA, CE, Health Canada, ARTG

    Tips For Ejaculation Success In Men With SCI

    Read the article and get helpful tips for successful ejaculation with Viberect X3.


    Watch the Viberect instructional video:

    Watch the video about preparing to use the Viberect device:

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    We offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee for VIBERECT AND VIBERECT X3. These products are for mild to moderate ED and not intended for men with severe ED. For men with SCI, success of Viberect X3 is approximately 80% in provoking ejaculation in men with SCI level above T10. The full benefit and success of penile vibratory stimulation devices are incremental and gradual in many men, specially after prostate cancer treatments. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may contact us within the 90 day period by phone:301.378.8433 or email to receive prior authorization for refund. Once authorized, please fully clean the devices and return in original condition with all parts to our address below. There will be 25% recycling fee. Softpads are not returnable and incur a $12 fee. Shipping charges will be deducted. Extra purchased softpads are refundable if not used. Devices returned after the 90 days from the date of delivery are not returnable or refundable.

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    (18 votes)

    "T5 incomplete SCI. I have used the Viberect X3 for 8 months, and I am able to obtain ejaculation in less than 1 minute. I love this product!. Thank you. Highly recommend." Joshua, IA.

    Tips for SCI Ejaculatory Success