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You or loved one suffering from ED and Urinary incontinence after prostate cancer treatments?   Use Viberect and Pelvic RX every day for 5-7 minutes for one year to help restore your sexual and urinary function! For limited time, enjoy $20 off each, or $50 if purchased together as part of Erection Recovery Program.

If you or someone you know has suffered from erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence following pelvic surgery, you should consider a recovery program for erectile dysfunction. Available from the Urology Health Store at a discounted price with discreet, direct shipping right to you, the Erection Recovery Program lets men assume an active role in restoring their sexual health and reversing the negative effects of surgery and medical conditions that have impacted erection quality and bladder control. Best of all, this program gives men a natural, noninvasive way to rejuvenate and improve their sexual and urinary health.

The Erection Recovery Program offers a two-pronged approach to restoring sexual and urinary health for men. The combination pack provided by the Urology Health Store includes one Viberect medical vibratory device and the Pelvic Rx male pelvic exercise. Together, this combination can pay long-term dividends in an invigorated lifestyle and performance.

The Viberect medical vibratory device is the first device to be certified by the FDA for ED treatment, and remains the only one to bear that distinction. How does it work? By stimulating the millions of pudendal nerve endings on the penis, this device encourages and strengthens natural erections, because pudendal nerves activate sexual centers in the brain and spinal cord.

It’s easy to use. Simply apply the device before intercourse or during foreplay, and in a matter of minutes, it will produce longer, firmer erections. It can also be used before or after penile injections for better success and rigidity.

Designed by doctors and registered by the FDA, the Pelvic Rx Program included in this package complements the Viberect device by building male pelvic floor muscle. It isolates and strengthens the male pelvic muscles to improve sexual, urinary and prostate health. By following a progressive series of exercises in the included DVD for just 10 minutes a day three times a week, men can strengthen their pelvic muscles naturally and noninvasively.

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