Vacuum Erection Systems (penis pump)

Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs) are used to create an erection in men with erectile dysfunction, to help with erection rehabilitation and poor circulation. A VED can encourage modeling of the scar tissue and can help reduce risk of loss of length as a consequence of Peyronie’s disease or correction surgery. They are also used before and after penile implant surgery to optimize surgical results.

STEP 1 Choose your device style: battery/electronic OR manual

STEP 2 Choose your brand preference: Morpheus© OR Spartan®

• Battery/electronic pumps are overall more convenient. Made with an easy push button to create the suction. This option is generally easier for men with arthritis or hand problems.

• Manual pumps are often less expensive and can create an equal amount of suction just as the battery/ electronic versions. Manual systems allow you to be in more control of the pumping “speed.” They are also virtually silent!


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