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  • penis pump

    ACTIVE® Manual Vacuum Erection System

    $279.95 $224.95
    • Imported from Germany.  BMW & Porsche quality. Exclusively by Urology Health Store
    • Best manual erection system in the world.  Ergonomic and Powerful.  Easy to use
    • Includes four quality Pubic- o-Rings of various sizes for best comfort
    • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee* See Website for Details
    • Free US Shipping

    Follow These 3 Easy Steps
    1. Order an ACTIVE Vacuum System
    2. Watch our videos and Call 301-378-8433 for your Free online live class appointment
    3. Utilize UHS expert follow up to assure continued success

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  • Pelvic RX - Urology Health Store

    Erection Recovery Program® by Reflexonic®


    Viberect® & Pelvic RX® Bundle 

    Are you on the ERP?   Save $60!

    Designed by urologists and prostate surgeons


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  • Penimaster Pro

    Penimaster Pro® Complete Penis Extender & Traction System

    • Recommended by most world authorities on Peyronie’s Disease
    • FDA-registered medical device
    • Enlarge your penis length & girth & help straighten it.
    • Maintain Traction for Hours Without Pain or Discomfort
    • #1 traction system in the world
    • Includes Rod and Belt system
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  • REHABI® Penis Vacuum Trainer & Enlarger

    $225.00 $189.95

    Imported from Germany.  Best selling daily penis vacuum enlarger

    Daily vacuum trainer

    Ideal for daily therapy after prostate surgery or pre-penile implant preparation and post-implant expansion of your penis chambers to add girth!

    Soft base, no constriction rings.

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  • Viberect® Penile Vibratory Stimulation



    World’s first and only penile vibratory approved by FDA for treatment of ED
    A must-use product to rehabilitate your penis after prostate cancer treatments
    Erection Model-Medical Vibrator
    Amplitude 2 mm/Frequency 70-100 Hz

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  • XYVGGR™ Dietary Supplement


    Pronounced “XY vigor” or “male vigor,” XYVGGR is designed by Dr. Geo to safely, naturally, and effectively reinvigorate male sexual health, and to enhance sexual arousal, performance, and satisfaction. 60 capsules. Made in USA

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    This Item is on backorder and will be available in Mid- June 2019

    Ejaculation Model-Medical Vibrator
    Amplitude 3 mm/Frequency 70-110 Hz

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  • CathWear Leg Bag Underwear


    A single order includes a (1) urine bag, tubing, and instructions

    • Able to support leg bags up to 600ML (20 ounces)

    Available in 4 Size options!

    Unisex Style!

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  • jnaja - Urology Health Store

    JNAJA® Gentleman’s Ring


    While being enringed you will enjoy the benefits of a perineum massage. Massaging this sensitive area of your body has great benefits on your sexual health. All the nerves linked to your sexual activity are running through this area.

    Limited production in Netherlands

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  • Leg Bag Holder for Standard Leg Bags


    Leg Bag Holder for foley leg bags.
    Avoid damaging your skin from rough leg straps!
    Accessory for UR Free To Go®

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  • LithoLyte® 10 mEq, Kidney Health | Water Enhancer | Increase Urine Citrate


    Made in USA. Zero Taste! Zero Calorie! Enhance your kidney health
    1 Pack (60 Sticks)

    LithoLyte® combines the power of citrate and bicarbonate to raise urinary citrate.

    Developed by Urologists

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  • Male-Factor Pack - Urology Health Store

    Male-Factor® Paks


    Sterile Semen Collection Condoms

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