Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System®


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Gesiva Medical Battery Powered Vacuum Therapy System™ Kit

Powerful Vacuum Erection System


The Gesiva Medical Battery Powered Vacuum Therapy System® has been specifically designed to be a simple, safe, and effective way to manage erectile dysfunction.

The kit includes:

  • a battery powered vacuum pump handle
  • a high quality clear plastic cylinder,
  • 4 different tension rings
    • Clear -Large Standard Low Tension Ring
    • Red -Large High Tension Ring
    • Clear – Medium Standard Tension Ring
    • Red -Medium High Tension Ring
  • 5oz of water-based lubricant
  • 3 AA alkaline batteries
  • a carrying case
  • an easy to understand User Guide

The Gesiva device is manufactured to the specifications established by the FDA. All components of the device are medical grade. The device is so simple that it can be assembled in the dark . The ergonomics are such that the patient or his partner can use the device.

The vacuum pump is battery powered which makes it easier to use and more consistent than manually powered vacuum pumps.

The device cylinder is sized to accommodate 95% of men without using an overly large cylinder that can increase the risk of drawing testicles or scrotal tissue into the cylinder.

The vacuum intake is located at the high point of the pump handle which reduces the risk of fluids being drawn into the pump mechanism (if fluids enter the pump, the pump is ruined).


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