Penimaster® Pro Replacement Diaphragms – Limited Supply

Penimaster® Pro Replacement Diaphragms – Limited Supply


Due to limited supplies, please do not order more than 10 packs per purchase, per month.



Penimaster® Pro Replacement Diaphragms

Green (5 count)

YELLOW (2 count per pack)

BLUE  – Are no longer being made by the manufacturer.

Owners of the Penimaster Pro Penile Traction System can find replacement diaphragms for their device at Urology Health Store. Diaphragms that are GREEN are for a small sized glans, YELLOW for medium size glans. The Penimaster Pro is a combination vacuum and adhesion with positive fit that protects a man’s foreskin and adapts to the glans without squeezing for plastic cosmetic and therapeutic elongation. Its applications include restoration of penis length due to scar tissue that develops after prostate surgery, and for treating urological conditions that lead to shrinking or penile curvature.

Need help placing your latexes back on your glans chamber? Click below for a Step By Step Document or Video!

Click Here for Step by Step – Paper Version

Click Here for Video  –

How long does each latex last?

  • Each Sluice and/or Diaphragm should last approximately 5-10 days. They will stretch out and not hold well over time.

My Latex keeps ripping and tearing, why?

  • Make sure you are using the correct size and it is not too tight. Latex are recommended to be stretched to make them a bit more pliable before use. Also we recommend only using ProMaster Comfort and Care Fluid as a lubricant. Other Lubricants can cause the latex material to deteriorate or break much easier.

Can I wash my latex’s?

  • Latex’s can be washed with water and dish soap only (mild soap will not deteriorate the latex)


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