PJUR MED® Premium Glide (Silicone-Based)

PJUR MED® Premium Glide (Silicone-Based)


German-made Silicone-based formula

Excellent solution for lubrication needs for women and men


Pjur®med PREMIUM glide is specially formulated for dry or highly sensitive mucous membrane in the genital area. The unique formula, made of high quality silicones without preservatives, makes this mucosa tested formula compatible with all skin and mucosa types. pjur® med PREMIUM is non pore blocking, leaving skin silky and smooth.

  • Extra long-lasting lubrication
  • No preservatives
  • Suitable also for highly sensitive skin/mucosa

Directions for use
Apply to any area of the body where extra moisture is desired. Suitable for daily use. Compatible with latex condoms.

NOT RECOMMEND to use with any male constriction rings or silicone based product. Novelty items are usually created out of solid silicone,  silicone-based lubes can compromise the surface of the item. Consider Water-Based Styles in this case.

Available in: 3.4 FL.OZ

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane.

Made in Germany, Pjur Med Premium Glide is made of the highest-quality components. Its top-quality silicones provide extremely long-lasting lubrication and moisture. Premium Glide contains no preservatives and is compatible with all skin and mucosa types – even the most sensitive. Because it doesn’t block pores, Pjur Med Premium Glide leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Gentle enough for daily use and easy to apply, this product comes in a convenient 3.4-fulid ounce package. It goes on with no muss and no fuss and isn’t sticky.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are these Pjur Med Lubricants different than other lubricants?

  • Quality – Made in Germany. All pjur products are made in Germany using selected, pure ingredients and subjected to strict quality control. Certifications, external tests and seals of approval from independent organizations confirm this claim.
  • Expert in lubricants. pjur has 20 years of experience in the development of intimate products world-wide, especially our premium lubricants.
  • Customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is secured by product safety and product quality. There can be no compromise, particularly when it comes to products for the sensitive genital area. In more than 50 countries around the world pjur products stand alone in our guarantee of quality and safety.

What is the difference between water based and silicone based?

  • pjur water-based lubricants are synonymous with providing soothing moisture to the skin and protect against loss of moisture during use. The formulation is absorbed by the outer layers of the skin and gives a pleasant feeling, of smooth silkiness without becoming sticky or tacky.
  • pjur silicone-based lubricants are particularly suitable for the most extremely sensitive skin / mucosa. Silicone molecules do not penetrate the skin, but remain on the surface where they create a long-lasting lubrication and a silky smooth feeling on the skin that will last until you decide to wash it off. They contain no preservatives, are allergy-friendly and dermatologically excellent.

Why are pjur products more expensive than other similar products?

  • The makers of Pjur believe that they offer very good value for money. Compared to another conventional water- based product, pjur has up to six times longer glide time.  :o For example our pjur med Premium Glide yields a much longer per use life and thus it is not as rapidly used up as other products. A less expensive product will not last as long as a pjur lubricant – which means having to make more frequent purchases in the long run.

What is the shelf life of pjur lubricants?

  • As a rule, pjur lubricants have a shelf life of 5 years, thanks to the degree of purity of the ingredients. A concrete best-before date (shelf life) is indicated on every package and shows the time by which the product should be used.


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