PROSTATE CANCER 20/20: A Practical Guide to Understanding Management Options for Patients and Their Families

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Released in January 2019.


PROSTATE CANCER 20/20 is a streamlined and accessible guide to understanding prostate cancer and its management options. The pros and cons of each option are reviewed in detail in order to empower the newly-diagnosed patient and enable him to choose the treatment that best suits him.

The book reviews the unprecedented number of advances in prostate cancer that have been made over the last few years. These include refinements in screening and diagnostic testing, sophisticated new imaging techniques, the development and application of genetic testing, the availability of numerous new medications, continued technical progress in surgical, radiation and focal therapies and the blossoming of the era of “active surveillance.”

Because most patients with prostate cancer have an excellent prognosis, the long-term consequences of the disease are oftentimes the side effects of treatment.   PROSTATE CANCER 20/20 provides in-depth information on the most common complications following treatment—sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence—conditions that can be successfully managed through a variety of means detailed within the book.

About the author:

Andrew Siegel is a urological physician, surgeon and educator who passionately believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle as a means of maintaining health and preventing disease. He is convinced that the best method of avoiding doctors and hospitals is simply for each of us to take responsibility for our own selves. One of his favorite quotes is; “Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger.” Dr. Siegel is the author of “Prostate Cancer 20/20: A Practical Guide To Understanding Management Options For Patients And Their Families”; “The Kegel Fix: Recharging Female Pelvic, Sexual and Urinary Health”; “Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health”; “Promiscuous Eating: Understanding and Ending Our Self-Destructive Relationship with Food”; and “Finding Your Own Fountain of Youth: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Health, Wellness, Fitness & Longevity.” He is a blogger and the creator of numerous educational videos on health and well being. He lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and English springer spaniel and is thrilled to spend time with his three grown children. Aside from writing, he enjoys reading, tennis, golf, cycling, fitness and living “clean” and healthy.


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