ProtechDry® for Women (Single Pairs)

ProtechDry® for Women (Single Pairs)


Washable cotton underwear for urine loss

Made in Portugal


Ultra Absorbent – Innovative 3D-layered construction easily absorbs up to 2 oz. of liquid. It is especially recommended for occurrences of light urinary incontinence (urine losses of up to 60ml/day = 2.02 OZ = 12.17 Teaspoon)

Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects a disproportionate number of women, especially as they age. Fortunately, there is an alternative to buying leaky, smelly and environmentally harmful disposable pads. The ProtechDry female washable underwear available from Urology Health Store provides an answer that can save women money and embarrassment while also helping to save the environment.

Featuring a unique three-layer design, these good-looking undergarments look just like normal underwear and produce no unsightly lumps and bulges that can be seen under clothing. Inner and outer layers provide a waterproof, leakproof seal while keeping the wearer dry. Meanwhile, the breathable middle layer of these innovative undergarments has antibacterial and anti-odor properties that help keep the wearer fresh, clean and healthy.Made of 90 percent cotton and washable, these garments can be reused up to 90 times, saving money and resources. Available in panty or bikini style, they come in sizes ranging from small to XL and in your choice of black or white.

Women Hip Sizes: S (35”-37”), M (38”-39”), L (40”-41”), XL (42”-44”)

Product Composition:

  • 90% cotton
  • 5% elastane
  • 3%viscose
  • 2% polypropylene

Safety Information/Directions:

Make sure you choose the right size. The absorbent structure should be in contact with the genital area. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing; this will decrease the effectiveness of the absorption. Do not iron the absorbent area as this can cause the liner to melt. ProtechDry should be worn with the same care as any other underwear item and may also be machine washed using cycles of up to 104F. ProtechDry Underwear are not eligible to be returned (opened or unopened), or able to be exchanged or different sizes or styles.

(9 votes)”So comfortable, I absolutely love these. I bought one first, and then 10 pairs. They feel amazing and work great. Get the right size. Good bye smelly disposable pads!” Sharon, MO.

“High quality, fashionable, and dry!. Thank you.” Katherine, IL.


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Large, Medium, Small, XL


Black, White


Bikini, Panty


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