Yarlap®- Best Female Pelvic Trainer for Incontinence

Yarlap®- Best Female Pelvic Trainer for Incontinence


Made in United Kingdom
The Kegel trainer that does the workout for you. Tone and strengthen your pelvic floor automatically with our AutoKegel® Technology, Yarlap® takes the guesswork out of Kegels.

Proven treatment urinary leakage, urgency, and pelvic floor weakness

Non-invasive, only a few minutes a day!



Yarlap® Complete System

FDA indications for use: YARLAP device is intended to provide electrical stimulation and neuromuscular re-education for the purpose of rehabilitation of weak pelvic floor muscles for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence in women and to maintain urinary continence in women.

Yarlap is the only FDA cleared medical device for OTC treatment of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence.
Laugh, cough, sneeze, exercise, and love without worry. Use Yarlap® for just 20 minutes a day to become leak free without drugs or surgery.
The Yarlap® system is an incontinence product, an FDA OTC cleared for sale in the USA as an over the counter medical device available without a prescription.

Popular in Europe, NMES treats urinary incontinence at the source of the problem. Urinary incontinence treatment at home is what Yarlap® provides each woman.

Using clinically proven programs for pelvic floor therapy, the Yarlap® stimulates the pelvic floor muscle for you. You have to do zero guesswork when it comes to using the right muscles to work them back into shape.

Yarlap is a proud recipient of  Women’s Health “2018 Femtech” Award and can be found in the December 2018 issue of Women’s Health Magazine!

The Personal Benefits of the Yarlap® OTC:
Solution — Treats urge, stress, and mixed urinary incontinence
Freedom — No longer worry about sudden or unexpected bladder leaks
Safety — Clinically proven programs
Discretion — Small pelvic floor stimulator
Cost — Yarlap® is far less than the annual cost of pads You can use your FLEX or HSA dollars on the Yarlap®

Additional information

Product Guide

As a non-surgical, non-pharmaseutical, non-implanted device: You do not wear Yarlap® all day. Only 20 min a day for your workout! Quick Instructions 1. Put the pelvic floor muscle stimulator into Channel A or B (does not matter which one). 2. Generously apply lubricant onto the pelvic floor muscle stimulator. 3. Insert the pelvic floor muscle stimulator into the vagina with the silver parts facing towards your hips. 4. Press the "ON" Button. 5. Select the desired program you would like to use. 6. Select intensity for a comfortable pelvic floor muscle contraction. Every woman is different, so pick what feels comfortable for you! That is all! Please make sure you read the full instructions, including cleaning the pelvic floor muscle stimulator in the user manual. Quick 3 min Tutorial With a push of a button, Yarlap®’s clinically proven programs will begin urinary incontinence treatment through pelvic floor muscle stimulation. Yarlap® instructs your pelvic floor muscle to gently contract. This will show you how the Kegel exercise should actually feel. All you need to do is choose which program and intensity feels right for you and you're ready to start! The programs are timed down to the very second. Watch the video for a step by step instructional video on how to use your Yarlap®!

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


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