Dribblestop® Urinary Leakage Clamp

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External clamp for men with Moderate to Severe urinary incontinence

Two Complete Sets


Dribblestop® is an external clamp for men with mild, moderate to severe urinary incontinence (approximately 1-6 moist pads a day or depends).

If you or a man you know suffers from male urinary incontinence, there is an affordable and simple solution, whether the problem is mild, moderate or severe. The Dribblestop is available from the Urology Health Store at a consumer-friendly price and will put a quick stop to those embarrassing and uncomfortable problems of bladder leakage.

Made in Canada, the Dribblestop is a quality device that applies gentle pressure to the top and bottom of the penis to control urinary incontinence. This product doesn’t apply pressure to the side of the penis, however, and thus allows unrestricted blood flow.The clamp is equally effective on controlling incontinence on both circumcised or uncircumcised men.

The Dribblestop is made of high-quality plastic and medical foam that’s comfortable and durable and which can regain its shape for peak performance. The entire penile clamp is made of lightweight plastic and medical approved foam that has been specially sculpted and shaped for flexible comfort and softness; plus, it does not absorb liquid. The result is a soft, natural feel – this penile clamp is so small, discreet and comfortable, 7.62 cm (3 inches) long and only 1.27 cm (1/2 inch) wide you won’t even notice it’s there!

  • It applies gentle pressure to the top and bottom of the penis to effectively control bladder leakage
  • High quality plastic and foam which can regain its shape for optimum performance
  • Each Kit comes with two complete sets of clamps and links for custom fit
  • Safe and easy to use
  • High quality closed medical foam for comfort and durability
  • No pressure to the sides of the penis for unrestricted blood circulation

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Dribblestop® Urinary Leakage Clamp

  1. Don K.

    I was so pleased to find something that will help me to live a normal life. I have fought this problem for over fifteen years and hadn’t found anything to compare with it.

  2. David B. Winnipeg, Canada

    Following my surgery and radiation, I had a very significant problem with incontinence. My Urologist suggested that I should try the DRIBBLESTOP.

    I tried the DRIBBLESTOP and have had my life restored so that I am now able to lead a very normal life. I would recommend trying the Dribblestop to men who have a problem with incontinence. We all owe Henry Rennich, the inventor a debt of gratitude.

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