Leg Bag Holder for Standard Leg Bags


Leg Bag Holder for foley leg bags.
Avoid damaging your skin from rough leg straps!
Accessory for UR Free To Go®


Don’t forget to purchase the incredibly durable and comfortable Leg Bag Holder for your standard size foley leg bags or UR Free To Go® Portable Urinary Incontinence Solution Package.

The “one size fits all” Leg Bag Holder will hug the calf of your leg for a more secure surrounding for the drip bag.

Material is made of:
Polyester 67.5% – Rayon 31% – Spandex 1.5%

Measurements of holder –
Upper Part 17.75” – Lower Part 14.2”

Additional information

Large = 28" to 42", X-Large = 38" to 54"

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