Ferticare 2.0 – Additional 2 year Extended Warranty


Ferticare 2.0 by Reflexonic, USA

Made in USA

The most powerful and effective penile vibrator ever built.

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We are the manufacturer of the Ferticare 2.0.

Manufacturer extended warranty for additional 2 years after 1 year original warranty.  Warranty does not cover damage due to any tampering, water damage, excessive intentional damage to device.

Must be purchased at Urology Health Store.  Warranty includes repairs or replacement at our discretion. Includes battery replacement.   Extended warranty must be purchased within 7 days of purchasing the Ferticare 2.0.  Must show sales invoice if purchased at other locations. All second hand items not originally purchased by our company or authorized distributors will lose all warranties.    Shipping is not included.

Attention: All Ferticare 2.0 warranties, including the extended 2 year warranty and first year warranties are not transferable to another individual or entity.  This is a personal item and should not be resold to another person.

Reflexonic reserves the right to refuse maintenance and repair of all second hand items.  

Anticipated Delivery Dates: September 25, 2019 – October 15, 2019 for Pre-Orders ONLY.

Personal use item.

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Ferticare 2.0

Ferticare 2.0, 2 year extended warranty

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