Promaster® Fluid


Imported from Germany


Promaster Fluid Application for Penimaster PRO

Owners of the Penimaster PRO Penile Traction System can find Promaster Fluid Application available at Urology Health Store to make applying fluid for the sexual aid an easier process. The fluid will help maintain the Penimaster PRO’s latex parts, and it will also enhance the comfort of the product. Applying the fluid to the device that assists in penile size enhancement, curvature correction and the increase of penile length will help form an adhesion film that establishes resistance between the latex and the glans. But the fluid will not soak in. Designed to be friendly to the skin, and not irritating, Promaster Fluid is easy to apply and will ship quickly when you order from Urology Health Store, which offers a wide range of useful sexual products and aids not just for men, but for women, as well.

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