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Sterile Semen Collection Condoms


Male-Factor® Paks Semen Collection Condoms

Get a high-quality semen sample without the embarrassment.

Wear this condom during lovemaking to provide a high-quality semen sample at home for later use with semen analysis or fertility treatments. The Male-FactorPak Semen Collection Condom is a comfortable, sensitive and biologically inert polyurethane condom that maintains sperm viability, motility and velocity. Included in the package is a carrying pouch, ID label and tie to make it easy to get your sample from home to clinic.

The Male-FactorPak Semen Collection Condom allows TTC couples to collect semen samples at home, during intercourse, instead of the embarrassing and uncomfortable clinic collection method. Use the Male-FactorPak Semen Collection Condom to obtain samples for:

  • semen analysis (SA)
  • intrauterine insemination (IUI) fertility treatment
  • in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures

Not only is this doctor-recommended method for collecting sperm more private, but it also provides a higher quality sample! Studies indicate that ejaculate samples generated during intercourse contains a higher number of functional sperm than those obtained through masturbation.

Male-FactorPak Semen Collection Condom Instructions: Clean genitals prior to use. Removes condom when erection has ceased after ejaculation, and close condom with the provided twist-tie. Seal the condom in the provided pouch with patient I.D. label, and transport to physician or laboratory. Carry it close to your body to maintain specimen temperature.

Tip: If you’re collecting a sample for an upcoming assisted reproductive technology treatment (such as IUI or IVF) and you’ve never used a condom for sample collection, we highly recommended that you purchase 2 Male-FactorPak Semen Collection Condoms so that you can practice prior to your procedure. This will help ensure that all will go smoothly on the day of your treatment.

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