Eroscillator 2 in purple


Stimualtion system with one attachment.


Eroscillator 2

Many women have trouble reaching orgasm, and the Eroscillator 2 in Purple was designed specifically to address that problem. Proven to provide better and more orgasms for women, the Eroscillator 2 provides gentle oscillating movement with no numbing. It’s been endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the noted sex therapist, and many women consider it superior to traditional vibrators.

Made of high-quality components, the Eroscillator 2 is sturdy, durable and dependable. Waterproof and washable, it operates quietly and efficiently and can be set at three different levels of intensity to meet a woman’s exact requirements.

The Eroscillator 2 in Purple from the Urology Health Store comes complete with the new Golden Spoon attachment. The smartly designed Golden Spoon features a concave cavity designed specifically to caress and stimulate the inner and outer labia, adding to the intensity and pleasure of the Eroscillator 2.

Although the Eroscillator 2 was originally designed for women, it can also be used by men. This unique device is available at an affordable price from the Urology Health Store and includes free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

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