Eroscillator® 2 Plus


Female stimulation system with four attachments

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The Eroscillator® 2 Plus in purple contains the powerful version of Eroscillator’s world renowned Swiss technology with smart oscillating engine and 4 medical grade attachments (Golden Spoon, Ultra Soft Finger Tip, Grape & Cockscomb, and Ball & Cup).

Buy the most incredible gift for your spouse or for yourself! It is simply the best product of its kind today.

  • Eroscillator® delivers powerful but incredibly quiet clitoral and labial stimulation far more superior and intense than ordinary vibrators.
  • Technological breakthrough in improving female sexual response, the Eroscillator’s attachments are directly connected to an oscillating engine, not to the device’s plastic’s body like ordinary vibrators, allowing smart and adaptive high frequency and amplitude stimulation.
  • Highly recommended by Gynecologists, and sexual therapist for women with sexual dysfunction.
  • Unique axially “oscillating” motion
  • Premium durable packaging with 4 highest quality attachments
  • Designed exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia
  • Constant power. Long extension cord to allow the device to be used for years
  • Recommended stimulator by gynecologists and sexual therapists
  • Designed in Switzerland by world renowned inventor and physicist
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