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Morpheus™ Manual Vacuum Erection Device

Morpheus™ Manual Vacuum Erection Device

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Morpheus VED System: Premier Vacuum Erection Device & Penis Pump The Morpheus VED System is a medical-grade vacuum erection device...

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Morpheus VED System: Premier Vacuum Erection Device & Penis Pump

The Morpheus VED System is a medical-grade vacuum erection device and penis pump, expertly designed for men with erectile dysfunction, aiding in erection rehabilitation and improving circulation.

Manual Morpheus Pumps: Control & Comfort

  • Comfortable hand design for easy operation.
  • Immediate suction for effective results.
  • Manual control for personalized pressure management.

This system uses negative pressure to draw blood into the penile corpora cavernosa, resulting in a firm erection. A constriction ring can be applied to maintain this state.

Comprehensive System Components

The Morpheus VED includes a cylinder tube, manual pump head with air release, adaptor bushings, a loading cone, four constriction rings, water-based lubricant, storage bag, user manual, and bonus Spartan Constriction Rings.

About Vacuum Erection Devices (Penis Pumps)

Vacuum Erection Systems are effective, drug-free options for over 40 million American men with ED. They provide a non-invasive, natural alternative to medication with high satisfaction rates.

Who Benefits from a Morpheus VED?

  • Men seeking to maintain an adequate erection.
  • Those looking to rehabilitate penile functioning post-prostate surgery or radiation.
  • Individuals with penile curvature (Peyronie’s Disease).
  • Pre and post-penile implant surgery candidates for improved outcomes.

Advantages of Morpheus VEDs

  • Non-invasive with no side effects.
  • Over the counter availability, no prescription needed.
  • Not painful when used correctly, with a high success rate.
  • Quick results, usually within 1-2 minutes of use.

Safe Usage Guidelines

Consult a healthcare professional for ED symptoms and adhere to safe usage guidelines, especially if on blood thinners or with specific medical conditions.

Warranty and Support

Morpheus VED Systems come with a 3-year warranty. Free instructional classes via Skype and Zoom are available for effective usage guidance.

For more information on the Morpheus VED System, visit our product page or contact our customer support.

Customer Reviews

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Steve G.

This is a very powerful penis pump!! I definitely think it's worth the price I paid. Thank you

High Quality

My doctor recommended I look for a quality pump, not just a toy pump. This one works great !