ERECTION = Nerves + Blood Flow + Pelvic Muscle Strength

What is Post-Prostate Surgery Rehabilitation?

Here are the nuts and bolts of maximizing your urinary control and sexual function after prostate surgery or radiation. Recovery is dependent upon your age, per-surgery urinary and sexual function and the extent of erectile nerve preservation possible at the time of surgery.

All of the items necessary for rehabilitation are available from the Urology Health Store. Visit our website for more information on our products and the science behind them.

Always speak with your urologist for specific medical regarding the rehabilitation process.

6 weeks before surgery
Maintain an active sex life.

If you have ED issues, consult with your urologist about using prescription oral ED medications.

Use Pelvic RX ® pelvic muscle trainer program to optimize urinary and erectile rigidity muscles. Use Viberect ® to stimulate penile nerves.

After surgery and catheter removal
Post-Surgery Intimacy and Urinary Care Guide

Continue with Confidence After Surgery

*Consider ED Prescription Medications; Tadalafil 20 mg or Sildenafil 100 mg every 3 days.
*Continue use of Pelvic Rx®
*Continue Viberect® stimulation three times a week, for 5-7 minutes per use.
*Maintain intimacy with your partner, consider Tango products from our female selection.
*Use Urinary Control items if necessary; Protech Dry Washable underwear, Regain Straps, Acticuf Compression pouches. The UroStop® Loop can help with urinary control issues during sexual intimacy.

After Surgery (4 weeks later - 18 months)
Return with Health, Confidence, and Passion!

Step-by-Step Guide for Your Post-Surgery Sexual Wellness

*Consistently use a Medical-Grade Vacuum Erection System three times weekly, maintaining suction without using the rings, for 8-10 minutes. (Spartan® Vacuum Devices or Morpheus Vacuum Erection Systems)
*Start using Constriction Rings with your Vacuum Erection Device after 10 weeks following your surgery.
*Continue Pelvic Rx ® Usage
*Continue Viberect® Usage
*Continue ED Prescription Medications; Tadalafil 20 mg or Sildenafil 100 mg every 3 days.
*Attempt sexual intercourse
*If you don’t have a partner consider a Fleshlight, consider Cobra Libre II from our site.
*If necessary, speak to your urologist about penile injections program; this may assist to achieve rigid erections suitable for intercourse.

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