Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction refers to ED caused by psychological factors rather than the physical causes typically associated with the aging process or surgery. Psychological issues leading to psychogenic erectile dysfunction include depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

To avoid embarrassing erections in social situations, anti-erection signals prevent the spinal cord from sending nitric oxide to the penis to open the blood vessels. During sexual arousal, these signals are blocked, permitting an erection. In men with psychogenic ED, however, these anti-erection signals are always on, preventing a natural erection. It is believed that sometimes areas of the brain storing bad memories may also prevent erections.

Many treatments are available for psychogenic ED. These include stress-reduction measures, boosting self-esteem, behavioral therapy and working with a sex therapist. In addition, the Urology Health Store carries products and programs that may help with psychogenic ED. These items attempt to optimize the natural pathways in men’s bodies that create erections, including nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

One product is the Viberect, a handheld vibratory medical device that stimulates millions of nerve receptors on the penis. Use of the Viberect can induce the release of nitric oxide, which causes the penis to engorge with blood. When the blood flows into the penis, the pelvic muscles contract, acting like a constriction ring to cause rigidity by forcing blood into the penis and keeping it there. Successful use of this device can build the confidence of men with psychogenic ED by helping them achieve erections, reducing anxiety and a vicious cycle of negative thinking. Active or retired servicemen may be eligible to get the Viberect through the Veterans Administration.

Use of the Viberect can be followed up with the Pelvic RX male pelvic exercise program in the Erection Recovery Program offered by the Urology Health Store. This program strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, improving not only sexual response but urinary function as well.

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Erection = Nerves + Blood Flow + Pelvic Muscle Strength

In contrast to older men with medical conditions that damage vessels and nerves, most men with psychogenic ED have adequate blood flow and nerve function. It is the stress, anxiety and impatience that impedes their sexual function. Treatments for psychogenic ED include stress reduction, improving self-esteem, behavioral therapy, trial of oral medications to boost self-confidence, and visiting a sex therapist.

Erection Recovery Is a “Dynamic Process”

Erection recovery requires motivation, spousal support, patience, and willingness to take advantage of natural pro-erection pathways already established in our bodies, including nerves, muscles and vessels.

How Viberect® Can Help

Viberect, a handheld vibratory medical device stimulates the millions of nerve receptors on the surface of the penis. The nerves stimulated by Viberect are among the most important nerves in the human body. These nerves connect everywhere and are critical in the physiology of sexual function. This stimulation naturally triggers cascades of events that tip the balance toward getting an erection, and away from forces that inhibit erection.<br

How the Erection Recovery Program Can Help

Alternately, you can combine Viberect stimulation with the Pelvic RX male pelvic exercise program. This follow along pelvic fitness program builds muscles and confidence. The program isolates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that power sexual and urinary functions. Learn more about the Erection Recovery Program.

VA Program

In addition to purchasing Viberect online here, active and retired servicemen can get Viberect through the Veterans Administration. Learn more about how to get Viberect and Viberect X3 through the VA.

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