FAQ for VED Systems

Urologists strongly recommend against use of all non-medical and unapproved penis vacuum pumps. These poor quality pumps lack controlled pressure mechanism and can permanently damage and destroy penile tissues and blood vessels and lead to ED and injury.

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How Do Vacuum Erections Systems work?
A vacuum erection therapy device is a fixed cylinder with a pump and constriction ring designed to bring about and maintain erections. At the Urology Health Store, we carry a line of premium vacuum erection therapy products that feature careful construction and high-quality materials. Thanks to our competitive prices and free shipping in the U.S. for products over $150, you won’t have to spend a fortune to choose from some of the best vacuum erection therapy products on the market.

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Spartan Vacuum Erection System (VED) Brochure
Our premium vacuum erection therapy products include devices Made in the U.S. so you can be confident you are buying items that have been carefully constructed.

Immediately after prostate cancer treatment most men are more concerned about loss of urinary control and its possibility of not returning quickly. Most men regain their urinary control within 3 months. In some cases, this may be delayed (large prostate, Parkinson’s, history of TURP, tumor close to the apex).

Most sexual medicine experts believe that some form of rehabilitation is helpful to regain sexual function after prostate cancer surgery. However, data remains controversial and not fully established at this time.

Who can benefit from using a Vacuum Erection Device?
• Men who are unable to obtain or maintain adequate erection to their satisfaction due to stress or excitement.

• Men to assist in regaining and rehabilitating penile functioning after prostate surgery or radiation.
• Men with curvature of penis (Peyronie’s Disease). VED can encourage modeling of the scar tissue and can help reduce risk of  loss of length as a consequence of Peyronie’s disease or correction surgery.

• Pre- and Post-penile implant (prosthesis) surgery to increase flaccid stretch length, and facilitate easier corporal insertion.

What is the difference between a Battery (Automatic) Pump or a Manual (Hand) Pump?
Battery Pumps are a little bit more convenient, you can easily push a button to create the suction. This option may be easier for men with arthritis or hand problems.

Manual Pumps are often less expense, and can create an equal amount of suction just as the Battery versions. Manual systems allow you to be in more control of the pumping “speed”. They are also virtually silent!