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Urologists strongly recommend against use of all non-medical and unapproved penis vacuum pumps. These poor quality pumps lack controlled pressure mechanism and can permanently damage and destroy penile tissues and blood vessels and lead to ED and injury.

A vacuum erection therapy device is a fixed cylinder with a pump and constriction ring designed to bring about and maintain erections. At the Urology Health Store, we carry a line of premium vacuum erection therapy products that feature careful construction and high-quality materials. Thanks to our competitive prices and free shipping in the U.S. for products over $50, you won’t have to spend a fortune to choose from some of the best vacuum erection therapy products on the market.

Our premium vacuum erection therapy products include devices  Germany, so you can be confident you are buying items that have been carefully constructed.  Made in Germany, the ACTIVE Erection System NT features variable motor power, giving the user total control. LED lights make it easy to operate, and the system comes with four seal-packed and sterile constriction rings as well as a two-year warranty on the pump motor from the manufacturer. This high-tech system is easy to clean with warm water, and the manufacturer keeps a large supply of parts on hand, including constriction rings in four sizes, ensuring you will be able to use this device for a long time. A high-quality carrying bag is included along with an instructional DVD.



Immediately after prostate cancer treatment most men are more concerned about loss of urinary control and its possibility of not returning quickly. Most men regain their urinary control within 3 months. In some cases, this may be delayed (large prostate, Parkinson’s, history of TURP, tumor close to the apex).

Most sexual medicine experts believe that some form of rehabilitation is helpful to regain sexual function after prostate cancer surgery. However, data remains controversial and not fully established at this time.

The program being recommended in the next paragraph is meant to assist you in a multimodal approach to address all components of erection, which are weakened by surgery, NERVE, BLOOD FLOW AND MUSCLE. We believe that by addressing all components together, it is possible to regain erections more quickly and successfully depending on your age, pre-surgery sexual function and success of nerve sparing surgery. (Please speak to your urologist for details of this program and seek his or her approval). This program may differ from your physician’s.

Items recommended for the first year after surgery:

1. Viberect nerve stimulator

2. Pelvic RX 8 week intense pelvic floor training program

3.  ACTIVE REHABI penile trainer

4.  ACTIVE NT or ACTIVE ED system

5. Viagra or Cialis tablets to be taken on demand or every other day


Six weeks before surgery: Begin Pelvic RX program to fully strengthen your pelvic muscles in anticipation for surgery which will weaken them. Begin Vibratory stimulation with Viberect as well to fully experience the intense physiological events that occur before you have surgery.

Week 1 (after Urethral catheter removal):

Do kegel exercises only

Week 2-9:

  • Every day or Every other day: Begin Viberect stimulation in a quiet, relaxed setting for 5-7 minutes. (you may use Viagra or Cialis is approved by your physician 30 minutes before Viberect stimulation)
  • Every Other day: Use manual or motor erection systems without constriction rings and hold erection for 10 minutes to allow adequate filling of the penis with blood.
  • Every Other day: Begin Pelvic RX structured pelvic floor training program week 1-8. This will greatly strengthen your pelvic muscles to improve urinary control and rigidity later
  • Take Cialis or Viagra every other day as prescribed by your physician
  • -Be intimate with your spouse or partner. This will enhance your recovery. Purchase female stimulators to help satisfy her. We recommend the Eroscillator, Fiera, or We-vibe Tango.


Week 10-36:

  • You may begin to use Vacuum erection systems with constriction rings and attempt sexual intercourse
  • Continue Viberect stimulation every day or every other day for 5-7 minutes
  • You may begin use of Edex, Caverject, Bimix or Trimix as indicated by your urologist. We recommend use every two weeks for sexual intercourse
  • Repeat pelvic RX program and attempt to use magnetic weights either by provoking natural erection or with VED or injection.


Week 36-beyond

  • Continue Viberect, Pelvic RX, and VED’s as needed.


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