Female Incontinence Products & Washable Underwear

Urinary incontinence is an all-too common problem for many women that can cause social embarrassment as well as discomfort. Loss of bladder control can range from mild to severe. It can be caused by many different factors such as hysterectomies, the weakening of muscles as women age and even certain medications. Besides being uncomfortable and embarrassing, urinary incontinence can also present a danger by increasing the risk of slipping and falling.

At the Urology Health Store, we carry products that help women control or even reverse urinary incontinence. These items are high quality but are available from us at a reasonable price with free shipping to the 48 contiguous states for orders over $150.

Our ProtechDry washable incontinence underwear for women offers protection that can save you money while also helping to save the environment. In fact, because these garments are washable, five pairs of ProtechDry underwear are the equivalent of 500 disposable Depends undergarments. Besides saving you money, washable ProtechDry underwear also saves resources and helps relieve stress on our overburdened landfills.

This washable underwear has a unique three-layer design that includes inner and outer layers for waterproof and leak-proof protection. A breathable middle layer has antibacterial and anti-odor agents to keep the wearer feeling fresh and clean. Available in panty or bikini styles and in sizes from small to XXL, this underwear comes in your choice of black or white and is washable up to 90 times. You can save even more by buying a five-pack of ProtechDry washable underwear.

To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that are so important to urinary and sexual health, we also carry the Yarlap Complete System to treat Incontinence.