Male Vibrators

Male Vibrators

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  • Charger for Viberect and Viberect X3


    Additional Charger for the Viberect and Viberect X3

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  • Pelvic RX (Basic)

    $49.95 $39.95

    PelvicRx® Male Pelvic Exercise Program targets and strengthens the pelvic muscles that support male urinary, bowel, prostate and sexual function.  Pelvic Rx® is a perfect companion to Viberect and Vacuum systems to help you recover nerve, flow and muscle strength after prostate cancer surgery.

    PelvicRx® includes an instructional guide, an interactive exercise DVD and digital access to the guided training routines. With PelvicRx®, you can follow along with the training exercises by watching the DVD on your TV or computer or by viewing the digital format on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

    The PelvicRx® For Men exercises are easy to follow and require no other training equipment. When performing the exercises, we recommend sitting upright in a comfortable chair. The exercises can also be performed while standing up or sitting down.

    A strong pelvic floor can help to improve as well as prevent common conditions including:

    • ED (erectile dysfunction)
    • Stress urinary continence following prostate surgery
    • Overactive bladder
    • Post void dribbling
    • Bowel urgency and incontinence
    • Pelvic pain caused by muscle spasms
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  • Viberect



    Erection Model-Medical Vibrator

    Amplitude 2 mm/Frequency 70-100 Hz

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  • Viberect 3 - Urology Health Store



    Tens of thousands sold worldwide!

    Ejaculation Model-Medical Vibrator
    Amplitude 3 mm/Frequency 70-110 Hz

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  • Cobra Libre - Urology Health Store

    Cobra Libre II®


    Personal Massager for Men

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  • Replacement Viberect Softpads

    Viberect® Replacement Softpads


    Includes two pairs

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  • Pelvic RX - Urology Health Store

    Erection Recovery Program®

    $399.95 $349.95

    Viberect® & Pelvic RX® Bundle

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