Female Prolapse

Gently reduce the irritation caused by pelvic prolapse in women with the FemiCushion available at Urology Health Store. A unique Japanese prolapse device, FemiCushion discreetly addresses prolapsed organs, including the bladder, uterus, vaginal cuff and rectum.

*This adjustable undergarment is now sold as separate contents! No longer in combined kits.

The FemiCushion eliminates the need for internal pessaries. Women who prefer to hold off on surgical procedures for a prolapsed organ, as well as those who do not represent appropriate medical candidates for surgery, now have a viable alternative with FemiCushion, which is made of medical grade silicone and fabric so that you can rewash it.

FemiCushion is a medical device that was independently developed by carefully considering the concerns of women with pelvic organ prolapse in combination with specialists’ research in the field of POP. It is also rated as an FDA Class 1 (1st grade) Medical Device and is CE-approved (European standard) ensuring the safety of our customers.

By learning the correct way to use FemiCushion, it’s possible for you to gently support your prolapsed organs and hold them securely within the body. FemiCushion can also alleviate other POP symptoms such as pain and bleeding.

If you are a first time FemiCushion Purchaser, we recommend getting these six items to start –

(1 ) Supporters “Underwear” – See style and sizing below

(1) Washable Holder

(1 )Small Cushion

(1) Medium Cushion

(1)Large Cushion

(1)Cleaning Plug

What is each item used for?

  • Supporters “Underwear” works by adjusting the width and length of the belt. This brings the cushion closer to the vaginal opening and plays an important role in keeping the cushion in a secured position. Urology Health Store only carries the Easy Zip Cotton Style, (color white /zipper front). These Supporters are low cut and sit low on the waist.
  • Washable Holder “Pad” absorbs any urine or discharge. The cushion is held and secured it within the holder to prevent it from becoming displaced or entering into the vagina. Because it’s made of cloth, you can wash and use it repeatedly. When traveling, or for those who deal with a lot of urine leakage, disposable holders are also available!
  • Cushion – Comes in 3 sizes. The most important component of the FemiCushion kit, the cushion gently holds the prolapsed organs in the body. The extremely soft surface is made of 100% medical-grade silicone. It is important to purchase all three size cushions if you are a first-time purchaser.
  • Cleaning Plug – To assist with cleaning your cushions. Wash the cushion only after plugging the air hole in the back.

Size guide for Supporters “Underwear” (Please note – Sizing runs smaller than normal – it is recommended to order the next size up from your normal size)

  • Size I: 24 in-32in/60cm-80cm (Waist)
  • Size II: 28in-36in/70cm-90cm (Waist)
  • Size III: 32in-45in/80cm-100cm+ (Waist)

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  • Supporters “Underwear” for FEMICUSHION® Non-invasive female prolapse solution

    Imported from Japan, exclusively by Urology Health Store

    FDA Cleared non invasive solution for female pelvic prolapse (cystocele, uterine prolapse, rectocele)

    *This adjustable undergarment is now sold as separate contents! No longer in combined kits.

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