Erection Recovery Program® by Reflexonic®

Erection Recovery Program® by Reflexonic®


Viberect® & Pelvic RX® Bundle 

Are you on the ERP?    Designed by urologists and prostate surgeons



What is the Erection Recovery Program?

Designed by urologists and prostate cancer surgeons to help you recover urinary and sexual function as soon as possible after radical prostatectomy.

Are you on the ERP?

For a natural, non-invasive solution to better sexual and urinary health, The Erection Recovery Program available from the Urology Health Store includes the Reflexonic Viberect and the Pelvic Rx Program. Men who are recovering from prostate surgery or who are seeking a way to enhance their sexual and urinary health can solid results with this recovery program. Get powerful nerve stimulation from Viberect, and stronger pelvic muscles with the Pelvic Rx. Maintain erections and help control urination with this program, which can help reverse the adverse effects of pelvic surgery and medical conditions that can cause the loss of erections and urinary control. Invigorate and rejuvenate genital health with the Erection Recovery Program, which comes with free shipping from Urology Health Store.

Pelvic RX is the medical version of the Private Gym

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“Great program! recommend highly if you have prostate surgery.” Thomas, FL

Combo Pack Includes VIBERECT®Medical Vibratory Device and Pelvic RX® Male Pelvic Exercise Program
Naturally improve your pelvic and sexual health with Viberect® nerve stimulation and Pelvic RX® male pelvic muscle fitness. This combination works hand in hand to invigorate your pelvic muscles and nerves for better urinary and sexual ability.
A natural, non-invasive and long lasting ED solution
The Erection Recovery Program is Ideal for enhancing recovery of erections and urinary control after prostate surgery or other interventions. This combo treatment is also suitable for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction due to age and medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension, depression and anxiety. The Erection Recovery Program is also recommended for healthy men who want to improve erection ability and pelvic muscles.
Viberect® nerve stimulation and Pelvic RX® scientific pelvic exercises are natural, noninvasive and long lasting solutions to invigorate, rejuvenate and amplify your sexual and urinary health. They combine perfectly with your other treatments including injections, vacuum assisted therapy and oral medications.
About Viberect®
Viberect is the first and only FDA and CE certified medical stimulation system in the world for ED treatment. Viberect® provokes and strengthens natural erection by stimulating millions of pudendal nerve endings on both surfaces of the penis at scientific frequency and amplitude. Pudendal nerves activate important sexual centers in the brain and spinal cord. Erection is a nerve generated vascular event, controlled by these centers.
Simple operation
When used in a relaxed setting, Viberect® initiates erection (First 1-2 minutes), and then helps contract the pelvic muscles (3-4 minutes) to keep erection longer and firmer. Simply relax and apply the Viberect handheld vibratory medical device before intercourse or during foreplay. The Viberect vibrating device can also be used before or after penile injection to improve injection success and enhance rigidity.
About the Pelvic RX® Program
The Pelvic RX® Program is a FDA registered, interactive, follow-along male pelvic floor muscle building program. Developed by doctors, this comprehensive pelvic muscle fitness program combines expert-designed “Kegel” exercises for men with resistance weights. From treating erectile dysfunction naturally to building confidence in the bedroom and even preventing incontinence, the Private Gym Program isolates and strengthens the male pelvic muscles for improved sexual, urinary and prostate health.
How does the Pelvic RX® Program work?
The follow-along exercise DVD leads you through the pelvic muscle exercises. The 10-minute sessions should be performed every other day, for a total of 3 days a week to give ample muscle recovery time. The exercises get progressively more challenging each week. After building initial pelvic muscle strength, the program adds resistance training with a weighted ring that fits comfortably around the penis. Just as weight training builds arm and leg muscles, the weighted penis ring maximizes pelvic muscle growth.

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