Constriction Loop Ring For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE)

 Designed to improve erection rigidity by enhancing venous compression. To be placed around the base of the penis and tightened, this pressure assists with achieving and maintaining erection rigidity.

The Maintain™ Loop Ring is adjustable and can be tightened or loosened to customize the fit and comfort for each individual. This Loop Ring is works best for Men with Mild/Moderate Erectile Dysfunction. This Loop Ring works well for those patients who can already achieve an erection, but need the help of an aid to sustain it.

  • Stay Firm Longer to Supports Erections Rigidity.
  • FDA Cleared Premium Adjustable Penile Constriction “Actis” Loop
  • Medical Grade and Latex-Free!
  • Made in USA exclusively for Urology Health Store
  • Completely waterproof!
  • One size fits most, loosen or tightened for optimal erections with maximum comfort.
  • Your partner will not notice the device when in use.
  • Recommended to replace after 6 months of use or when it shows signs of wear, such as cracking.
  • MAINTAIN® is recommended for men with poor rigidity and post-prostate surgery erectile dysfunction. It works in perfect combination with the Viberect Erection Model Nerve Stimulation device, penile injection therapy, oral medications, and Spartan Vacuum pump erection systems.

Caution: Never wear loops are tension bands over 30 minutes.

MAINTAiN® Constriction Loop for ED and PE – Made in USA