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Penimaster Pro® Complete Penis Extender & Traction System



The Penimaster Pro® Complete Penis Extender & Traction System is in stock.

Best Selling Penis Enlargement & Traction System in the World.

FDA-registered medical device for external rigidity

Penimaster Pro Complete Penile Traction System

Medical expanders for plastic/cosmetic and therapeutic application on the penis

PeniMaster® and PeniMaster®PRO are medical expanders (extenders) or penile traction systems which elongate the penis in a physiologically proper manner over an extended period of time. For instance, this tissue stimulation is used for corrective enlargement, straightening or therapy of the penis before and after surgery.

It’s True:  If you wear Penimaster pro daily for several hours a day, studies show that you can add up to 1.5 inches to your penis size and girth.   Penimaster Pro is easy to wear, unlike other brands that are hard or painful to wear for more than 30 minutes to an hour.  Consistency is KEY!

Urologists worldwide use traction devices to assist their patients suffering from various penis conditions for:

  • penis elongation
  • more penis circumference
  • enlargement of the glans
  • straightening of curvatures
  • improvement of the erection
  • therapeutic fields of application

Penimaster Pro is approved in the European Union and Canada to treat urological conditions that cause shortening or curvature of the penis, this product is under review by the FDA and is not meant to treat any disease in the U.S.

The PeniMaster PRO has been designed to safely place the penis on traction as requested by urologists for several indications. Please ask you physician for details.

This system includes both rod and belt system!
Rod Expander System
PeniMaster®PRO as axially symmetrical rod expander in connection with PeniMasterPRO the rod pulling force generator allows for elongating the penis in an axially symmetrical manner without abutment far from the penis (attachment location). This means that no other bodily part or piece of clothing is required to generate the pulling force on the glans chamber and that the pulling force is nearly the same at all positions of the penis. By using the rod expander the penis can be elongated either in an upwards or a downwards direction or diagonally – and this has proven to be unobtrusive, even under normal clothing. Thus, many activities of day-to-day life can be implemented without any problems.

PeniMaster®PRO belt expander system
The belt system developed specifically for being used together with PeniMasterPRO allows for versatile training of the penis tissue by elongation. The belt pulling force generator can be worn in the most different manners, for example similar to a suspender as shoulder belt, as hip belt, or even as knee belt. Each of the techniques mentioned above has its own advantages that are described in more detail within the application. The belt expander system PeniMasterPRO can be worn Un-noticeably under the normal clothing, as hip belt even under simple knickers. The belt expander system rarely and hardly limits you during your day-to-day activities.

Uses: For penile traction therapy, Penile size enhancement, Curvature correction, Increase penile length

Features: Protects the foreskin, Adapts to the glans, Easy and convenient, Can be worn underneath clothing, Can be worn painlessly for hours

*Please note all PeniMaster Pro Products and Accessories are non-refundable, opened or unopened.

Medical Study Published with PeniMaster Pro 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Does this come with everything I need to get started?

A- Yes. They only thing you will need to repurchase is the Latex’s (Called Sluice and Diaphragms) and ProMaster Fluid within a month after your initial purchase.

Q -When do I need to replace the Latex’s (Called Sluice and Diaphragms)?

A -Each Sluice and Diaphragms should last approximately 5-10 days  Latexes can be washed with water and dish soap only. Do not use antibacterial soaps, they will deteriorate your latex’s!  You may need to change or replace your latexes sooner if you are noticing a loss of suction or if they become ripped or tore.

Q- Which traction do I use? The Belt or the Rod?

A – Either. The Rod System can provide more of a precise measurement. The Rod can then be tucked downward in your pant leg or angled upward under your belt area. The Belt traction may be more comfortable to wear when you need to leave home. This system can be strapped three different ways: Over the shoulder, around the waist, or around the lower thigh/knee area.

Q- Can I use a different lubricant other than ProMaster Fluid?

  • Different lubes of other than the ProMaster Fluid is not recommended. This Fluid is a special mixture of ingredients that are designed to appropriately hold the latex material. Other lubricants can cause your latexes to rip very easily.

Q – Do I have to use the split adapter pieces? ( found on page 18 and 19 of the user manual)

A-No, these are for smaller penis diameters.

Q-I cannot get my glans to suck into the glans chamber?

There are two ways to create suction –

Most common application: By using the green ball pump and standard rotary valve.

Other application: By using the Green Hose and Green Hose rotary valve.

This example is using the Green Ball Pump: (Step as listed on page 24-26 of the user manual)

Ensure the standard rotary valve is securely tightened on the end the glans chamber. The Rotary valve is crucial in suction hold and suction release. The Rotary valve can twist completely off, and is very small, be careful with its placement if you must remove this piece.

While holding the glans chamber in one hand and the green ball pump in the other hand – Squeeze the green ball pump (before attaching to glans chamber!)

Connect the green ball pump to the glans chamber, note there connecting channels, it will only connect when matched together. (make sure remain compressing the green ball pump)

When connected turn the glans chamber a quarter turn to the right in a clockwise direction.

Then press your glans against the inner diaphragm and slowly release the green ball pump.  Remember to use a “Pea Size” of ProMaster Fluid should be rubbed all over Sluice, inside on diaphragm, and head of penis.

Detach the Green Ball Pump and the head of your glans should be captured inside the chamber. If you need to remove the glans chamber, simply twists the rotary valve clockwise (to the right) to release suction.

Q- How does the PeniMaster Pro help improve erections ?

A- The tissue training due to elongation of the penis using a PeniMaster may generally provide a contribution to the improvement of the erectile function of the penis. Users with normal erectile function may achieve an increased erection hardness. It is often possible to positively influence a decrease of the erectile function for healthy men, particularly at a greater age, by means of application that can be implemented alternatively or complementary to the administration of corresponding preparations. Furthermore, the treatment of a retraction (shrinkage) of the penis as a consequence of a lack of blood supply may counteract erectile dysfunctions. The treatment may be implemented simultaneously to medical treatments.

Q: Does this fit all penis sizes?

A: It fits most, but if you are well endowed, please contact us to make sure you will fit the Glans Chamber and Basic Ring measurements.

Q: Is this product returnable?

A: Unfortunately, no. Even if you did not open or use the device. It is unable to be returned or refunded. Please see our Return Policy for more details.


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