UR Free To Go® – Unique “portable urinal for men”

UR Free To Go® – Unique “portable urinal for men”


Portable Urinary Incontinence Solution
Comprehensive Package


A revolutionary new portable urinal system that makes bladder control so much easier for men.


UR free to go (URFTG) is suitable for:

  • Bladder leakage management
  • Can be used in place of pads or a condom catheter.
  • Recommend replacing all plastic components every 30 days.

UR Free to Go® is perfect for:

  • Urinary incontinence management
  • Chronic illness that causes loss of bladder control
  • Involuntary urine leakage after urological surgery
  • Prevention of rashes & odor associated with pad use
  • When you don’t have access to a toilet for long periods

• 1x Contoured Comfort Cup with Connecting Tube
• 1x Adjustable Waist Fixed Pant (Jock Strap Style)  – choose sizing when you order.
• 2x 500 ml Collection Bags 500ml
• 1x Collection Bag Strap
• 1x Flushing Syringe
• 1x User Manual

Unique features with UR free to go:

*Free space, all direction, odor free and total collection.
(“non-invasive” and “not a catheter-type” device)

*Reservoir cup creates a comfortable roomy toilet basin

*Soft inner cushion sits the private part and direct the urine outflow.

*Air current allows one-way drainage of urine and fluid
*Curly drainage tubing design for any position use

*Flush after use, clean, disinfect and odorless

FIts Waist Sizes from :

  • Large :28″-42″
  • Extra Large: 38″ – 54″

Don’t forget to purchase our incredibly durable and comfortable Leg Bag Holder!

Additional information

Waist Size

Waist Size 28"- 42" = Large, Waist Size 38" – 54" = Extra Large


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