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As of late February 2022 VIBERECT X3®  is Discontinued.


Thank you for visiting our website to research the Viberect X3 Device!

Reflexonic, LLC ( has some pretty BIG NEWS! We are in the research and development phases of creating a new version of the Viberect/Viberect X3 Device; more compact, effective and longer battery life. (Anticipated release date of Early 2023) The Viberect and Viberect X3 has been a huge part of our success and provided therapy to tens of thousands of users. These two devices will soon be morphing into one!

We thank you as customers and advocates for allowing us to make the next leap. Stay tuned as we announce more in the coming year!

As of late February 2022 VIBERECT X3®  is Discontinued.

The Viberect X3® is the most powerful and only medical patented, safe, physiological, noninvasive, male vibratory stimulation device in the world.

Viberect  X3® is a therapeutic vibratory medical device and the only proprietary device in the world that delivers targeted vibratory stimulation to both surfaces of the penis (dorsal and ventral).

This device is approved by the FDA and recommended by urologists and health care providers for the treatment of severe and persistent erectile dysfunction (ED) and men with spinal cord injuries above the T10 level. 30% more powerful than the orignial Viberect, the Viberect X3 has a dual Japanese Mabuchi motor stimulation system that is powerful enough to promote erection and ejaculation in men with spinal cord injuries (SCI). No prescription required!

Viberect X3 System Includes:

  • Viberect dual Mabuchi motor stimulation system with built in rechargable batteries
  • One pair of medical soft pads (replaceable)
  • User Manual and instructions
  • Deluxe packaging with soft foam insert for storage
  • Power Supply
  • 1 Year Guarantee warranty (see user manual for details)

Technical X3 Specifications:

  • Made in The USA
  • Vibration frequency: 70-110 Hertz
  • Vibration amplitude of stimulation: 3 mm
  • Ni-Alu-Hydride Rechargeable batteries
  • Voltage: 110-240 Volts
  • US FDA, CE Low Voltage

The Viberect X3 has a higher amplitude range than the Original Viberect Device. The Viberect X3 is for spinal cord injury patients with ejaculatory dysfunction/or sperm retrieval. Men that do not have spinal cord injury also find the Viberect X3 very beneficial for Ejaculatory and Delayed Ejaculation Dysfunctions. Note: Spinal cord injured use carries risk of Autonomic Dysreflexia.  

  • Safe, physiological, noninvasive, and powerful tool now available to men around the world to improve and restore their erectile health and sexual response.
  • The physiological alternative to drugs, injections, vacuum, and surgery for men with ED
  • Cost effective: Maintenance free, rechargeable batteries.
  • Painless, gentle, pleasant experience.
  • Adjustable frequency and modes for comfort and efficacy.
  • Powerful settings to provoke ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury
  • Can be used on-demand before sexual activity, or daily as part of therapy as recommended by your physician.
  • Developed and recommended by urologists and prostate cancer surgeons to help their patients with erectile dysfunction since 2008.
  • Can easily be combined with other modalities (Oral meds, injectables, vacuum, and implants) to improve response in combination for men with severe erectile dysfunction.
  • Powerful settings to provoke ejaculation in men with spinal cord injury.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Can I use lubricant when using my Viberect Device?

  • Yes, just ensure it is water-based lubricant!

Q- Do I need a prescription for the Viberect X3?

A- No, the Viberect X3 is also completely “over the counter”, No prescription  necessary.

Q – What is the difference between the Viberect and the Viberect X3 model?

A- The Viberect is designed for men with Mild to Moderate Erectile Dysfunction. It is normally “more than enough” for most men to provoke an erection. It is also commonly utilized to enhance recovery of nerve function after prostate cancer treatments.

The Viberect X3 device is more powerful than the Viberect.  Viberect X3 is strong enough to provoke ejaculation (FDA) in men with spinal cord injury who wish to have children. It is also used by men without spinal cord injury who wish to improve their orgasm response, and who may have delayed ejaculation.

It is safe, clinically proven to provoke ejaculation in 77% (23/30) of men with spinal cord injury above spinal level T10.

Q – I do not have erectile dysfunction, can I use the Viberect simply for pleasure?

A- Yes.

Q- How is the Viberect different from any other vibratory device on the market?

  • It stimulates both the top and bottom of the penis simultaneously to improve stability and response.
  • It was designed by urologists specializing in sexual dysfunction.
  • It is FDA approved as a medical device.

Q- I have a Penile Implant, can I use the Viberect?

  • Yes, it can be used to provoke orgasm

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