MAINTAIN® Constriction Loop for ED and PE – Made in USA

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The best quality constriction band ever made! Made in USA

  • Stay Firm Longer
  • FDA Cleared Medical Grade
  • Premium Adjustable Penile Constriction (Actis)Loop
  • Waterproof, adjustable, latex-free





Stay Firmer, Last Longer

 Enhance your ability to remain firm and full with MAINTAIN, a premium penile constriction loop (ACTIS) ring. This high-quality, easy-to-use loop slides over the penis and then may be tightened or loosened for proper fit and comfort. MAINTAIN allows for precise adjustment with an O-ring and ball-locking unit, creating gentle tension for a satisfying erection. MAINTAIN is an FDA-cleared, medical grade device that is latex-free, waterproof and extremely durable. It has tightly sealed caps for cleanliness and is slip-free, ensuring that your erection wont be lost due to slippage. Made in the USA exclusively for UrologyHealthStore.

~MAINTAIN is recommended for men with poor rigidity and post-prostate surgery erectile dysfunction. It works in perfect combination with the Viberect Erection Model Nerve Stimulation device, penile injection therapy, and Vacuum pump erection systems.

Additional information
Weight .22 lbs

Premium Adjustable Penile Constriction (Actis)Loop

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1 review for MAINTAIN® Constriction Loop for ED and PE – Made in USA

  1. Tariq

    Excellent product. Good as new after 6 months of use

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