Dietary Neutraceuticals

We offer no-nonsense, high-value resource for men. Selected by expert urologists and sexual medicine experts for their quality and effectiveness.

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  • XYVGGR™ Dietary Supplement


    Pronounced “XY vigor”  XYVGGR is designed by Dr. Geo to safely, naturally, and effectively reinvigorate male sexual health, and to enhance sexual arousal, performance, and satisfaction.  Made in USA

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  • AFFIRM -Male Performance Booster (Dietary Supplement)


    AFFIRM is an all natural daily supplement scientifically proven to help men improve their sexual performance and health.

    Scientifically proven to enhance male performance
    100% Natural Nitric Oxide Booster
    Safe and effective daily supplement

    Bottle Size Options:
    30 day supply (60 Tablets) $34.99 Currently on Back-order

    5 week supply (150 Tablets)$75.00

    Pharmaceutical grade
    No additives or preservatives
    No side effects

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  • Nutrafol Men – Nutraceutical Supplement


    Improves hair growth with visibly more thickness and scalp coverage. Target root causes of thinning like hormones, stress, and poor nutrition without compromising sexual performance. Medical-grade, natural ingredients that support your whole-body health.

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  • PRELONG® -Stay Hard Longer

    • Specially Formulated to treat Premature Ejaculation (PE)
    • Two-month supply!
    • Made with natural ingredients.
    • Non- GMO
    • Gluten Free
    • High quality product using a proprietary standardizes compound products in consistent batches and manufactured using strict manufacturing practices. (GMP)
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  • SPUNK – Prostate Health (Dietary Supplement)


    SPUNK is a supplement for Prostate Health

    Bottle Size:
    3 Month supply (180 Capsules)

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  • SupporT – Male Testosterone Booster (Nutritional Supplement)


    SupporT is a Testosterone-boosting supplement.

    That helps with Muscle growth, Focus, Sleep, Libido and Brain Health.

    Bottle Size:
    5 Month supply (150 Tablets)

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