Vacuum Erection Systems (penis pump)

Vacuum Erection Systems (penis pump)

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  • penis pump

    ACTIVE® Manual Vacuum Erection System

    $279.95 $224.95
    • Imported from Germany.  BMW & Porsche quality. Exclusively by Urology Health Store
    • Best manual erection system in the world.  Ergonomic and Powerful.  Easy to use
    • Includes four quality Pubic- o-Rings of various sizes for best comfort
    • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee* See Website for Details
    • Free US Shipping for orders over $50

    Follow These 3 Easy Steps
    1. Order an ACTIVE Vacuum System
    2. Watch our videos and Call 301-378-8433 for your Free online live class appointment
    3. Utilize UHS expert follow up to assure continued success

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  • REHABI® Penis Vacuum Trainer & Enlarger

    $225.00 $189.95

    Imported from Germany.  Best selling daily penis vacuum enlarger

    Daily vacuum trainer

    Ideal for daily therapy after prostate surgery or pre-penile implant preparation and post-implant expansion of your penis chambers to add girth!

    Soft base, no constriction rings.

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  • Aqua-Gel – Water Based Lubricant


    Clear, water-soluble, non-irritating lubricant.

    Convenient 5 oz. Tubes

    Made in the U.S.A.

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    PROSTATE CANCER 20/20: A Practical Guide to Understanding Management Options for Patients and Their Families

    Paper Back Book!

    Just released in January 2019!

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  • Spartan® Constriction Rings



    Spartan® Constrictions Rings are specially designed for durability, comfort, and efficacy.

    • Easy Pull-Tabs for removal
    • Multiple Sizes available!
    • Made in the U.S.A.


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  • Gesiva Medical Vacuum Therapy System®


    Gesiva Medical Battery Powered Vacuum Therapy System™ Kit

    Powerful Vacuum Erection System

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  • ACTIVE® Medintim Complete Vacuum Erection System

    • German product. BMW & Porsche quality
    • Both Automatic & Manual Systems
    • Soft Base For Daily Rehabilitation (post-prostate surgery or pre-penile implant
    • Five Comfortable Constriction Rings
    • FDA & CE-certified medical system
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  • ACTIVE®Medintim Automatic Vacuum Erection System


    The most advanced automatic vacuum erection – BMW & Porsche quality

    Imported from Germany exclusively by Urology Health Store in the United States

    Overcome ED with the ACTIVE Vacuum Erection System NT.

    FDA and CE-certified medical device.

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  • Maintain Actis loop

    MAINTAIN® Constriction Loop for ED and PE – Made in USA

    $29.95 $26.95

    The best quality constriction band ever made! Made in USA

    • Stay Firm Longer
    • FDA Cleared Medical Grade
    • Premium Adjustable Penile Constriction (Actis)Loop
    • Waterproof, adjustable, latex-free
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  • Prostate Surgery Complete Recovery Bundle

    $1,300.00 $950.00

    More than $1300 worth of items!

    Save $350$

    Please note Viberects are on back order until Mid- August 2019

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  • Pub O Ring

    Pubic-O-Ring Constriction Ring (Individual)


    Comfortable and effective constriction rings.

    Made in Germany.

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  • EZ loader

    EZ- Loader by Pos-T-Vac


    The Ez-Load Support Ring Loading System was designed by Pos-T-Vac Medical to help load any style of support ring onto the penile tube.

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