CathWear Leg Bag Underwear

CathWear Leg Bag Underwear


CathWear is a Patented & FDA registered catheter leg bag medical underwear

CathWear is a revolutionary undergarment system for catheters compatible with Suprapubic, Foley, Nephrostomy, & Biliary catheter leg bags. CathWear Holds up to (2) 600ml Leg Bags.

Available in 4 Size options!

Unisex Style!


CathWear’s all-in-one system allows you to comfortably carry your leg bags right in the CathWear underwear’s pockets and securely manage your tubing while eliminating the discomfort of velcro straps and plastic on skin contact.

  • Wear shorts or skirts again during hot summer days
  • Drain your bags without ever taking them out of the CathWear pockets
  • Be active and enjoy the gym knowing your bags won’t slide down your legs
  • Wash CathWear just like the rest of your underwear, its machine washable

CathWear’s system includes:


  • The CathWear two pocket system allows patients to simply place their bags into the secure and spacious Cath-Pockets. This technology removes the issue of having skin to plastic contact and completely doing away with the antiquated Velcro strap or elastic band system that restricts blood flow.

The Cath-Tract

  • With the Cath-Tract system all of your tubes will be safely concealed and secured. There is also a Velcro opening on the Cath-Trac that will allow you to have an access point which eliminates any complications of threading the tubing through the tract.  This is a benefit to those with loss of dexterity associated with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis

Breathable and fast drying fabric conforms to your shape for comfort.  Elastic waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit.  Garment can be machine washed and placed in dryer.

Cathwear can be use with:

  • a biliary drainage catheter
  • a foley drainage catheter
  • a suprapubic drainage catheter
  • a nephrostomy drainage catheter

YouTube Video on Cathwear – View Here!

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Medium 32"-34", Large 36"-38", X-Large 40"-42", 2X-Large 44"-46"


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