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PELVIC RX® Complete Pelvic Floor Therapy For Men
Pelvic Floor Therapy For Men

PELVIC RX® Complete Pelvic Floor Therapy For Men

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Pelvic RX Complete: Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles Have better sexual and urinary performance with the FDA-registered Pelvic RX Complete, a...

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Pelvic RX Complete: Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles

Have better sexual and urinary performance with the FDA-registered Pelvic RX Complete, a comprehensive 8-week program with resistance rings. This patented, Kegel training system for men has been proven in clinical trials to reverse erectile dysfunction, prevent premature ejaculation, boost sexual performance, and improve urinary and prostate health!

This program is eight levels, it only takes 10 minutes a day, at least 3-4 times a week to see great results!

Comparable to a body workout, Pelvic RX enhances pelvic health, combining Kegel exercises with resistance training for comprehensive pelvic muscle development.

Pelvic RX Complete is an FDA-registered program designed to improve pelvic muscle strength through a series of exercises, enhancing urinary and sexual function.

Expert-Designed Pelvic Fitness

Developed by renowned pelvic floor therapists, urologists, and sex educators, Pelvic RX focuses on both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers for stronger sphincter muscles, crucial for urinary and fecal control, and for enhancing erection rigidity.

What's Included in Pelvic RX® Complete?

  • Patented resistance ring for comfortable and adjustable fit : that includes our patented 2.5-ounce resistance ring, 2.5-ounce magnetic weight, and discreet carrying case.
  • Discreet carrying case and interactive DVD exercise program.

The resistance rings are incorporated into your training program further into your 8 weeks of workout, you do need an erection to help hold the rings on.

Recommended by Urologists and Prostate Surgeons

Highly recommended for prostate surgery patients, Pelvic RX is effective in regaining urinary control and pelvic floor strength. The program includes precise male Kegels to focus on muscle fibers, beneficial pre and post-surgery.

Clinical Trial Results: Boost in Sexual Performance and Confidence

A study by the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation showed a 90% improvement in sexual confidence and performance, with significant gains in erectile rigidity, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory control, and force.

Customer Reviews

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Out of date technology, useless and annoying

The internet link for the videos is broken. It appears that the manufacturer is defunct. It comes with a DVD, and, as I’m an older person, I actually have a player. So I dusted it off and set to work. Now, I purchased it post prostate removal. Hoping that I’d get needed help pelvic floor issues . The systems basic workout does address that. So do a lot of things that cost little or nothing. The second set requires an errction, and that’s an issue for me ( and anybody post prorate surgery). Nowhere in the write up was this mentioned.
So basically useless. And of course you need to open the box to figure this out, so no returns.
Avoid this product and I now have grave doubts about this company too.

Hi Mr. Williams,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item! We did not receive a communication from you directly. There are other options to have online access to the web version too. You are correct this version comes with resistance weights for further into the program. You will find many benefits in the Pelvic Rx DVD, even if the weights cannot be used.

We will make sure to better explain this item and its additional weights on the description of our website.

We do not manufacturer this product, we are resellers but more than capable of assisting in product concerns or issues.

Please reach out to us directly next time, so we can offer assistance.

Thank you!
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