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Promescent® Delay Spray
delay spray for men
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Promescent® Delay Spray


Promescent® Delay Spray   Travel Size, 20 Spray - Premium Climax Control, Exclusively in the USA Promescent Delay Spray for...

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Promescent® Delay Spray


Travel Size, 20 Spray - Premium Climax Control, Exclusively in the USA

Promescent Delay Spray for Men offers a revolutionary solution for men seeking to enhance intimacy and prolong their sexual enjoyment. This FDA-compliant topical spray, proudly Made in the USA, is designed for men who experience premature ejaculation or simply desire more control during intimacy.

By applying this spray to the penis 10 minutes before sex, it allows for better control and can delay ejaculation for up to one hour, depending on the dosage used. The key ingredient, nerve-dulling lidocaine, ensures effectiveness without the unpleasant side effects often associated with oral treatments, like nausea or dizziness.

Why Choose Promescent®? Recommended by over 2,000 healthcare professionals, it's a first-line therapy that ensures increased control with minimal sensation loss. Its proprietary absorption properties and metered dose system (10mg per spray) allows you to find and repeat the perfect dosage for your individual needs.

Application Guidelines

Applying Promescent® is simple, non-invasive, and doesn't interfere with the overall sexual experience. Just a few steps:

  1. Shake the bottle gently before each use.
  2. Apply 3-10 sprays to the penis's most sensitive parts, including the frenulum and the underside of the glans and shaft.
  3. Wait 5-15 minutes for the treated area to dry completely.

Tips for Optimal Use: Experiment with the number of sprays to find your ideal dosage. Remember to hold the bottle at a 90-degree angle during application and remove the small white break tab on your new bottle.

Compatibility and Usage

Promescent® can be applied with or without an erection and works well with personal lubricants. For oral intimacy, simply apply, wait for absorption, and then wipe with a damp towel. The effects of Promescent® can last up to an hour, allowing for prolonged and satisfying experiences.

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