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Regain Urinary Leakage Belt
Urinary Leakage Belt for men
Urinary Leakage Belt products

Regain® Urinary Leakage Straps

Regain Urinary Control for Men: Best for Mild to Moderate Incontinence Regain Urinary Incontinent Straps offers a practical and affordable solution...

Regain Size : Small (Less than 2.5 inches around)

Small (Less than 2.5 inches around)
Regular (2.5-4 inches around)
Large (4-5.5 inches around)
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Regain Urinary Control for Men: Best for Mild to Moderate Incontinence

Regain Urinary Incontinent Straps offers a practical and affordable solution for those experiencing mild to moderate urinary incontinence. 

Replace the use of one to three pads with Regain Straps! This urinary control system, available in a three-set package from the Urology Health Store, features an intelligent design with quality components like flexible plastic foam, an elastic strap, and a hinge with a control pad.

Product Details:

  • Apply and remove in seconds
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Includes 3 devices per package, approximately one month of use
  • Available Sizes: Small (less than 2 ½” around), Regular (2 ½ – 4” around), Large (4-5 1/2” around)
  • It is important to measure and select the correct size if the best effectiveness. Measuring instructions are included in the picture descriptions. 

Comfortable, safe, and easy to use, this external device is discreet and compact, making it simple to conceal. It can be applied or removed in seconds, using gentle pressure under the urethra to prevent urine leakage. Offered in three sizes – small, regular (fits most men), and large – it caters to diverse needs.

Recommended by Urologists for Safety and Effectiveness

Urologists endorse this product due to clinical studies confirming its safety and effectiveness. Each Regain device typically lasts six to seven days before needing replacement. This external device is especially beneficial for men post-prostate surgery who experience moderate to severe urinary leakage and are not candidates for surgical options.

Additionally, consider the Pelvic RX male pelvic trainer as an ideal complement to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, further aiding in regaining urinary control.

Additional Information
Regain Size

Small (Less than 2.5 inches around), Regular (2.5-4 inches around), Large (4-5.5 inches around)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Still searching for a solution

The belt is less painful than wearing a clamp. It blocks some of the leakage but not as much as I had hoped. Pads still required and hope for the best.

Not sure it will work for me

Having trouble getting the adjustment right. May not be the device for me

George Mohe
I question the statement of being a safe device

There is a subset of men for whom this device will not work: men with shortened penises and whose penis retracts into the body when sitting. I am one of those men. I applied the device while standing and it seemed comfortable until I sat down. There was sharp pain as the device pushed against the glans of my penis as my penis retracted into my body. This is a device that should not be used on patients who are unable to communicate with care providers. I would go so far as to question why this product is even on the market. There is no warning about this situation in the description. So, I am cheated out of $ 41.00-the shipping cost is pretty outrageous.

Easy to Use

Easy to use and discrete. I can reuse these multiple times and toss them when i am done. They help me be more confident when i am going to do tasks in public or around the house.