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For men with mild to moderate urinary incontinence issues that result in one to three moist pads per day, Regain...

Regain Size : Small (Less than 2.5 inches around)

Small (Less than 2.5 inches around)
Regular (2.5-4 inches around)
Large (4-5.5 inches around)
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For men with mild to moderate urinary incontinence issues that result in one to three moist pads per day, Regain Urinary Control for Men provides a sensible solution. Available in a three-set package at an affordable price from the Urology Health Store, this urinary control system boasts an intelligent design and quality components including flexible plastic foam, elastic strap and hinge with control pad. PLEASE SEE MEASURING GUIDELINE IN PICTURES ABOVE

Comfortable, safe and easy to use, this external device is discreet and compact, so it’s easy to conceal. It can be put on or taken off in just seconds. Regain Urinary Control for Men uses gentle pressure under the urethra to prevent leakage of urine. It’s available in three sizes, including small, regular – which fits most men – and large.

Urologists recommend this product because clinical studies have shown it to be safe and effective. Each Regain device typically lasts six or seven days before requiring replacement.

Regain is an external device for men with mild to moderate (1-3 moist pads a day). It provides gentle pressure in just the right spot under the urethral to prevent urine leakage.

  • Intelligent design with flexible plastic foam, elastic strap, hinge with control pad
  • Apply and remove in seconds
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Discreet, comfortable
  • 3 devices in each package for about one month of use.
  • Available in 3 sizes:
  • Small (less than 2 ½” around)
  • Regular (2 ½ – 4” around) [ideal for most men]
  • Large (4-5 1/2” around)
  • Excellent option for men after prostate surgery who have moderate to severe urinary leakage and are not interested or candidate for surgical options. Pelvic RX male pelvic trainer is a perfect option to fully and properly strengthen your pelvic floor muscles responsible for regaining urinary control
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Regain Size

Small (Less than 2.5 inches around), Regular (2.5-4 inches around), Large (4-5.5 inches around)

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Easy to Use

Easy to use and discrete. I can reuse these multiple times and toss them when i am done. They help me be more confident when i am going to do tasks in public or around the house.