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Yarlap Best Female Pelvic Trainer for Incontinence
Best Female Pelvic Trainer
 Pelvic Trainer for Incontinence
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Yarlap®- Best Female Pelvic Trainer for Incontinence

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Yarlap®: Revolutionizing Kegel Exercises Made in United Kingdom The Kegel trainer that does the workout for you. Tone and strengthen...

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Yarlap®: Revolutionizing Kegel Exercises

Made in United Kingdom

The Kegel trainer that does the workout for you. Tone and strengthen your pelvic floor automatically with our AutoKegel® Technology, Yarlap® takes the guesswork out of Kegels.

Proven Treatment for Urinary Leakage, Urgency, and Pelvic Floor Weakness

Non-invasive, only a few minutes a day!

The Personal Benefits of the Yarlap® OTC

  • Solution — Treats urge, stress, and mixed urinary incontinence
  • Freedom — No longer worry about sudden or unexpected bladder leaks
  • Safety — Clinically proven programs
  • Discretion — Small pelvic floor stimulator
  • Cost — Yarlap® is far less than the annual cost of pads. You can use your FLEX or HSA dollars on the Yarlap®


Yarlap® Complete System

FDA indications for use: YARLAP device is intended to provide electrical stimulation and neuromuscular re-education for the purpose of rehabilitation of weak pelvic floor muscles for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence in women and to maintain urinary continence in women.

Yarlap is the only FDA cleared medical device for OTC treatment of stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence, and Vaginal Tightening.

Benefits of Kegels with Yarlap®

Kegels are key to vaginal tightening and feminine wellbeing. It can be difficult to figure out how to do them correctly. Take the mystery out and use the Yarlap® Kegel Device for kegel exercises and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Kegels help build and maintain proper muscle tone. Yarlap® can help you perform kegel exercises without risking spasming using a work-and-then rest action. Building proper muscle tone in your pelvic floor can increase intimate wellbeing and reduce instances of incontinence.

Laugh, cough, sneeze, exercise, and love without worry. Use Yarlap® for just 20 minutes a day to become leak free without drugs or surgery.

The Yarlap® system is an incontinence product, an FDA OTC cleared for sale in the USA as an over the counter medical device available without a prescription.

Yarlap®: Clinically Proven and Popular in Europe

Popular in Europe, NMES treats urinary incontinence at the source of the problem. Urinary incontinence treatment at home is what Yarlap® provides each woman.

Using clinically proven programs for pelvic floor therapy, the Yarlap® stimulates the pelvic floor muscle for you. You have to do zero guesswork when it comes to using the right muscles to work them back into shape.

Yarlap is a proud recipient of Women’s Health “2018 Femtech” Award and can be found in the December 2018 issue of Women’s Health Magazine!

Customer Reviews

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Sarah B.
Ladies!! This actually works!

As a 30 year old female with two kids, my bladder leaked when i sneezed or laughed! Yarlap significantly helped my leakage concerns within weeks. I am lazy and did not want to have to concentrate on Kegels. This was super easy to insert and go about my day!