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The Dangers of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Testosterone Boosters

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The Dangers of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Testosterone Boosters

Over-the-counter testosterone boosters are often touted as the easy quick fix for erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive. It’s tempting to think that raising testosterone levels could be as easy as taking a few supplements, but the truth is, these supplements may actually be putting lives at risk.

Questionable Ingredients With Unknown Side Effects
OTC testosterone boosters are often advertised as ‘all-natural’ or as containing organic and natural ingredients. This type of advertising gives the impression that these supplements are safe and free of unhealthy or dangerous ingredients. Unfortunately, these claims are often extremely misleading. These products may contain illegal ingredients that are unmarked on the labels. If any prescription drugs are included, it won’t be listed on the label.

Without knowing for sure what ingredients could be in these products you risk ingesting substances that could interact with your currently medications, with potentially fatal results. These substances could also have a negative impact on any disorders and illnesses you have.

They Are Unregulated
Testosterone boosters are often unregulated, untested and unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration. Without the assurance that they meet the safety requirements that ensure they are safe for consumption, these supplements are totally unsafe.

Testosterone Replacements Should Come From a Doctor
Any product claiming to ‘boost’ testosterone levels, naturally or otherwise, should be avoided. The only reliable source for any kind of testosterone replacement product should be administered by a doctor. Urologists and endocrinologists are medical professionals with the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate testosterone replacements, should you need them.

Testosterone is considered a controlled substance in most regions, including the U.S. This means any product that contains this hormone can only be accessed with a prescription from a doctor. Any supplements and OTC testosterone boosters claiming to increase testosterone production in the body should be avoided.


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