How does Penimaster Pro compare to all other penis extenders (traction devices) available in the market?

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(By Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD, board certified Urologist, Penile implant surgeon and Peyronie’s disease specialist.)

For many years I recommended Fastsize (off-market), or X4labs for men with penile curvature. Evidence is emerging from centers of urological excellence that penile traction may aid in promoting straightening of the curved penis and regaining of loss of length due to penis scarring (Peyronie’s plaque, implant surgery removal, infection, trauma, hourglass deformity and other medical conditions).  My patients who purchased the above products weren’t happy to use them and gave up after a few tries. It was disheartening that I was recommending something that my patients didn’t like to use.

These companies spend millions of dollars a year marketing their products, have strong web presence with amazing graphics, and fancy SEO.  A few knock-offs are introduced every year with appealing names and renderings,  promising to add “many inches” to your penis and make you irresistible in bed. “Who doesn’t love a man with a baseball bat in his shorts?”

Folks, none of this is true. Pure fiction.  It’s marketing loose talk.  IT’s Fake News.  Take it from a urologist.  

Loose talk aside, penile traction is beneficial in patients suffering from serious medical conditions such as penile fibrosis, and Peyronie’s curvature.  But are they really as good as they say?  Are they comfortable? Safe? Is there a better option among them?  The answer before 2015 was really no.  They were all the same.  Then came the Penimaster Pro.  It changed everything.

Penimaster Pro (MSP Concepts, Berlin) was introduced to me in a German medical device conference in 2015. I was delighted to learn that a more natural and safer mechanism of capturing the penis for stretching (traction) was finally figured out by a great German inventor.

Penimaster Pro is now #1 best-selling penis extender worldwide and the most respected among medical community. Here is the Penimaster Pro Brochure

If you are reading this, please feel free to check the above devices out. They are all 95%-100% identical (except Penimaster Pro) in the mechanism of capturing the penis to stretch it. It makes no difference which one you buy. They are identical. Don’t be fooled by variable price version words like “Gold”, “Silver”, or “Copper”.

I have nothing against an individual brand. I recommended them before.  As a urologist with background in anatomy and neurophysiology, I am simply not a fan of how they choke the penis to get the penis stretched. Devil is in the details baby!

It can’t be good for the penis.

Penis tissues are fragile, and there are many superficial vessels and nerves that should not be compressed tightly for any reason for more than 3 minutes, forget about hours!  Ouch!

These devices intentionally create a medical condition called “PARAPHIMOSIS”.
Paraphimosis is a urologic emergency in which the retracted foreskin of an uncircumcised male cannot be returned to its normal anatomic position. This can strangulate the head of penis. It is important for clinicians to recognize this condition promptly and to reduce it immediately. Please check out google images to see what I am talking about.

Urologists and sexual medicine experts in the US and Europe are moving away from this outdated mechanism very fast. You can’t wear the “choke the chicken” extenders  without pain and discomfort for more than an hour. You can only squeeze the penis hard for so long, before it fights back and get very mad!
“FIRST DO NOT HARM” rule applies here big time.

Growing number of Peyronie’s disease experts who recommend traction devices know that compliance is key for success. “Wear it for at least 3-4 hours a day!” they recommend. I wish it was possible to be compliant with the above devices without pain and suffering. All devices mentioned above use a rubber or foam to strangulate the penis shaft right before the head of the penis to capture it.  Check them out.
This “compression force” cuts off the blood supply to and from the head of penis. Therefore, about an hour or less of use “choking the penis” devices, the head of penis engorges with blood and turns blue, and very painful. Numbness also can occur. The users can rarely stand the discomfort of these devices after an hour.  It doesn’t matter if you buy the regular version, or their “double platinum, 24k gold plated, made by aliens” version 6 times the price.

What I love about the Penimaster Pro is its safety, comfort and compliance. And my patients are wearing them.  When I see them in the clinic they are smiling and happy and not giving me the daunting “no-eye-contact” disappointment of non-compliance.  

A recent usability study of 45 patients in Spain by well known sexual medicine expert, Dr. Ignacio Moncada showed high satisfaction and compliance with Penimaster Pro.

Check out this video, see how easily penis is captured.  No compression, no choking.  It’s gentle, elegant and respectful——>The way penis should be treated.

With Penimaster Pro, both Rod and Belt systems are available.  Men typically like the belt system during the day.  Penimaster Pro is great for use during active phase of Peyronie’s disease where no other options are really available, or as modeling tool after Xiaflex intralesional injection by your urologist.   It uses proprietary and revolutionary glans capture mechanism which is vacuum based. You can easily wear it for 4 hours or more. Several major studies are under way for many indications.  It’s a really exciting time for Peyronie’s disease treatment.

Key US and European Peyronie’s disease experts are switching to Penimaster Pro, so should you.

Talk to your urologist about Penimaster Pro.

Penimaster Pro Brochure

By Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD, board certified Urologist.


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