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Top 5 Most Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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Top 5 Most Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men around the world are impacted by the effects of erectile dysfunction. While it is rarely spoken about openly, there is no reason to suffer silently. The medical community has amassed plenty of research on the topic, giving us a more complete understanding of why it occurs and some of its most commons causes. Here are the top five:

Medical Disorders

There are a selection of medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction. It can even serve as a warning sign for serious illnesses. Here are a few conditions that might also cause erectile dysfunction: chronic kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and Peyronie’s disease.

Physical limitations like weakened pelvic floor muscles, injuries and prostate cancer surgery can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.


Certain medications can have the unfortunate side effect of causing erectile dysfunction. Medications like antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure drugs, as well as any drugs that impact the hormones, nerves and blood circulation can increase the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. If you believe any of your medications are contributing to your symptoms, consulting a family doctor or your urologist is recommended.

Emotion Distress and Related Disorders

The emotional component of erectile dysfunction is often underestimated. Anything from relationship stresses, to high anxiety, low self-esteem and depression can cause erectile dysfunction, as well as low arousal. Seeking treatment with a mental health professional or a sexual health therapist can help make these issues more manageable.

Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle

Binge drinking and drug abuse are among the most obvious unhealthy lifestyle choices that can cause erectile dysfunction. But, a few lesser known factors that could increase the risk of erectile dysfunction are weight gain and inactivity. Eating healthy and adapting a moderately active lifestyle can improve your health overall and lower your chance of erectile dysfunction.

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